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Jessica Lowndes, star of ‘90210,’ has a long line of ex-boyfriends.

Jessica Lowndes, star of ‘90210,’ has a long line of ex-boyfriends.

Jessica Lowndes, the Canadian actress, and singer who played Adrianna Tate-Duncan in the TV series 90210 have a long line of ex-boyfriends.

However, acting has not been her primary source of income. She has also had an interesting romantic life.

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Ex-Boyfriends of Jessica

Jessica has had a number of romances in the last decade or so, despite not having married yet. The star-studded list of ex-boyfriends dates back to her days on 90210 when she was in a relationship with Adam Gregory, a fellow 90210 co-star, and that’s only the beginning!

Jessica and Adam were co-stars on the show 90210. They started dating in 2008 and ended up breaking up in 2009.

Aaron, who is most known for his part in Breaking Bad, started dating Jessica in 2009 and split after a year together.

In 2011, Danny and Jessica began dating.

According to sources, Thom met Jessica in a Los Angeles juice bar and immediately fell in love with her.

Thom and Jessica began dating in 2013, and after a seven-month relationship, the couple decided to call it quits, claiming that their long-distance relationship was failing.

The athlete and the actress began dating in 2012 and ended their romance in 2013. Jessica and Jeremy had been together for a year. Because Bloom lived in New York and Lowndes shot 90210 in California for the final season, their romance took a back place.

In 2011, shortly after his break-up with Taylor Swift, the American actor and film producer began dating Jessica.

Did Jessica date Jon Lovitz as well?

As if her relationship rumors weren’t already making news, The December Bride star went on to start one on April Fool’s Day in 2016.

Jessica and comedian Jon Lovitz pranked everyone by faking their relationship with a series of Instagram photos, one of which showed a big diamond ring. People were undoubtedly talking about her secret connection.’

It was then revealed that the relocation was intended to promote her new music video, ‘Déjà vu (Remix).’

Jessica devised the concept of a fake romance to get traction.

She fell in love with Jon while they were filming, noting that he was the funniest human being she’d ever met. She is thirty-one years older than the famous comedian.

Despite the fact that there is no official word on who she is seeing at the time, she is assumed to be single.

Lowndes is back together with Jeremy Bloom and the two are dating in secret, according to online speculations as of August 2021.

However, without anything to go on, we’ll have to wait for the actress to confirm her relationship status.