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Jess Hilarious

Facts of Jess Hilarious

Full Name:Jess Hilarious
Birth Date:February 16, 1992
Age:31 years
KidsAshton (Son)
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In 2019, internet celebrity Jess Hilarious shocked her followers by reuniting with ex-boyfriend Kountry Wayne. When the two were seen enjoying french kisses and tagging one other on Instagram, the news broke.

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Relationship with a Date

Jess’s first relationship was with Chris, her boyfriend. However, no information regarding their initial meeting has been released to the press.
Their closeness and devotion gave us the impression that they had a long way to go as a couple.

The couple, however, was unable to maintain their connection and split up in late 2018.

According to reports, one of Jess’s followers encouraged her after witnessing Chris kissing a lady at a neighborhood BBQ.

Chris, on the other hand, still has feelings for her because she frequently posts photographs of his ex-girlfriend on his social media.

Jess wasn’t pleased with the performance, so she requested Chris to stop posting the photos and told him she was done with him.

In March 2019, Jess began a new relationship with comedian Kountry Wayne, who she met after their divorce. She revealed her romantic relationship on social media after a barrage of questions about their relationship, despite the fact that Kountry was already married.

Then, on social media, Kountry’s ex-wife revealed her marital status and uploaded a marriage certificate.

And after only a few months of dating, Jess and Kountry called it quits, only to reunite a few months later.

The couple was photographed on Hollywood in September 2019 enjoying french kisses, and they had resumed their separate Instagram accounts.

Even now, they routinely post to their Instagram accounts, but the peculiar thing is that Jess refers to Kountry as her ex in her remark.

Career And Net Worth

Jeff is most known for his role on MTV’s reality show “Wild N Out.” It is the longest-running television reality show, having broadcast on MTV for ten seasons. She has also been on VH1, BET, and other television networks.

Her Insargran comedy sketch, which has over 5.1 million followers, catapulted her into the spotlight.

She has a video section called “Jess With The Mess” in which she features her younger son Ashton, which the majority of her viewers enjoy.

After a string of negative working experiences, she decided to pursue a career in mortuary science. She eventually learned, however, that she was a far more fun-loving and laugher-loving person.

In terms of her net worth, she is reported to have amassed a fortune of thousands of dollars.

Biographical Sketch

Jess Hilarious, the Instagram superstar, was born in Baltimore City on February 13, 1992. Jessica Moore is her true name, and she is 29 years old.

She is of Afro-American descent and stands 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Aside from that, information about her personal life, such as her parents, relatives, and educational history, is kept private.