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Jeri Caldwell, Facts About Quincy Jones’s Ex-Wife And Baby Mama

Jeri Caldwell, Facts About Quincy Jones’s Ex-Wife And Baby Mama

Quincy Jones is a living legend in the music industry. For more than six decades, the multitalented record producer has been known for his prowess in the music industry. He has been nominated for a record-breaking 80 Grammy Awards, winning 28 of them. Quincy has always been a fantastic artist, and he is well-known for his charisma and attitude.

Quincy is known for his relationships in addition to his musical prowess. He has been married three times and each time he has divorced. His love life and spouses have made him famous, from actress Ulla Jones to Peggy Lipton. Despite the fact that he is the epitome of music, nothing is known about his ex-wife Jeri Caldwell. So, in this article, we’ll provide you some fascinating information about Quincy Jones’ ex-wife Jeri Caldwell.

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Quincy’s high school sweetheart, Jeri

As previously said, Quincy Jones is well-known for his numerous relationships with women, but Jeri Caldwell was the first to hit the jackpot and marry him. His high school girlfriend was Jeri. Despite the fact that she was not his first major love (that honor goes to Gloria Jenkins), she was the first woman he married.

Quincy and Jeri had been married for nine years when they divorced. Instagram/quincyjones is the source of this image.

Quincy claimed in an interview with Oprah that Jeri was the one who first contacted him. She used to go to the water fountain every day to gaze at Quincy, and his team was aware of this. The couple been together for a long time before getting married in 1957. Jeri and Quincy were married for over ten years until filing for divorce in 1966.

Quincy Jones’ Eldest Child’s Mother Is Jeri Caldwell.

Quincy Jones and Jeri Caldwell gave birth to their only child, Jolie Jones, during their nearly decade-long relationship. Jolie has earned a name for herself as a singer, model, and actor since then. Stewart Levine is her husband, and they have two boys together, Donover Levine and Sunny Levine. Both of them have grown up and started their own families, while also carrying on their grandfather’s legacy.

Despite the fact that Jeri’s whereabouts are unclear at this time, she must stay close to her daughter Jolie. Jolie was also influenced by her father and pursued a career in music, which she passed down to her sons. With the passing of music, we can already observe a pattern that will most likely continue indefinitely.

Jeri Jones, Quincy Jones’ ex-wife, has an acting credit.

Jeri Caldwell, Quincy Jones’ ex-wife, gets an acting credit as well. In 1994, Jeri was featured in the film Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult. According to IMDb, she played the producer’s wife in a minor role. Jeri was included in the 2018 documentary Quincy, which focused on Quincy Jones’ life.

With this, we can see that Jeri has built a wonderful life for herself, even after Quincy’s divorce. Let’s hope she’s in good health and having a beautiful life wherever she is today.

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