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Is Park Bo-Ideal Gum’s Girlfriend Found Yet? An In-Depth Look at His Relationships

Is Park Bo-Ideal Gum’s Girlfriend Found Yet? An In-Depth Look at His Relationships

Fans and followers of South Korean actors are never disappointed. South Korean actresses are extremely versatile, from their appearance to their acting and modeling abilities. Park Bo-gum is one of these actors.

Bo-gum gained notoriety for his roles as a sociopathic lawyer in Hello Monster and a brilliant Go player in Reply. In Love in the Moonlight, he played the Joseon Crown Prince, and in Encounter, he played a free-spirited man.

In the entertainment world, he has had a highly successful career. He was the first actor to be named to Forbes Korea’s Power Celebrity list. His work is well-known among his followers, but little is known about his personal life.

People have varied questions about his love life, despite the fact that he makes his fans’ hearts quiver with a single glance. People wonder if he is gay or if he has a girlfriend or a wife, for example.

Everything we know about Bo-relationships gums is included below.

The Perfect Partner for Park Bo-Gum

In 2016, Bo-gum had a detailed picture shoot and chat with Elle Korea. Elle Korea used the official SNS account during the interview to collect questions from fans on Bo-gum.

Many fans had questions for him, but one of the most common was regarding his dream partner. The actor responded to the question with a very particular answer, as if he had considered it previously.

His ideal partner would be a combination of a mother and a friend. Of course, not in an incestuous way, but someone who made him feel as comfortable as a buddy and would look after him as if he were a child.

Although it appears that Bo-gum has yet to find his ideal companion, he and other South Korean actresses are the subjects of several rumors.

Park Bo-rumored Gum’s girlfriends are listed below.

There is no information on whether Bo-gum had a girlfriend or is now involved in a relationship. He has, however, been associated with a number of actresses with whom he has collaborated.

The following is a list of Bo-alleged Gum’s girlfriends.

Jang Na Ra is a popular Korean song.

Jang Na Ra co-starred with Bo-gum in the KBS drama I Remember You in 2015. However, rumors of a relationship and marriage began in early 2016, when the actor was photographed wearing a ring during a fan signing session for Reply 1998.

Bo-gum addressed the claims in an interview, stating he was startled by the hype because none of it was true.

Yoo Jung Kim

Kim Yoo Jung is a model and actress from South Korea who was rumored to be dating Bo-gum. Both of them starred in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, a 2016 drama.

They became friends after working together and even traveled to other countries together. In addition, the two were photographed together in an airport.

Bo-thoughtful gum’s gesture was misinterpreted as a romantic relationship. As a result, the actress promptly disputed the charges, claiming that she thought of him as a brother and that they were only close friends.


Irene from Red Velvet used to co-host Music Bank with Bo-gum, a popular music show. Because they acted as a pair on the show, people misunderstood their business relationships for love relationships.

Bo-gum indicated that he was ready for a relationship, but none of them made an official statement regarding their love ties. Irene, on the other hand, eventually addressed the rumors and stated that she was unaware of the news.


Yoona and Bo-gum of Girls Generation were adored by fans after they appeared together in Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast.

Since then, the couple has dominated social media with their relationship’s buzz.

However, they were simply rumors once more.

Bo-gum has recently been linked to another actress, Song Hye-Kyo. Following her divorce from Song Joong-ki, rumors of the actress’s extramarital affairs began to circulate.

According to rumors, the actress had an affair with Bo-gum when Hye-Kyo was still married to her ex-husband. The fact that Bo-gum and Hye-Kyo collaborated on Encounter fuelled the rumors.

Hye-divorce Kyo’s was reportedly triggered by their “inappropriate closeness.” Because the claims had a negative impact on Bo-image, gum’s management company, Blossom Entertainment, released a public statement refuting the allegations.