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‘I’ll do the same.’ The Coming Out Experience of Singer Ben Platt Was Heartwarmingly Anticlimactic

‘I’ll do the same.’ The Coming Out Experience of Singer Ben Platt Was Heartwarmingly Anticlimactic

In his Netflix concert film Ben Platt: Live from Radio City Music Hall, Broadway actor-singer Ben Platt told his coming-out experience.

Though the actor was aware of his sexuality from a young age, he did not believe it was necessary information to share with the public.

While Platt’s family was aware of his sexual preference when he was in school, he finally decided to reveal it before releasing his debut album.

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Ben Platt performs a song about his sexuality.

Sing Me Instead, the 27-year-first old’s solo album was released on March 29, 2019, and it delves deeply into his romantic life. The studio album, which features a total of 12 tracks, illustrates the ups and downs of his relationships.

The actor-singer, on the other hand, refuses to refer to it as a “coming out” record. Simultaneously, he sings about all the guys he’s dated, all the while using male pronouns.

For the video, Platt enlisted the support of his close friends. While the song was directed by Nick Lieberman, Platt cast actor Charlie Carver as his love interest. He also expressed his thanks for the opportunity to speak about his relationships and the men he dated on the album.

In his Netflix concert video, the Pitch Perfect star was also open about how he told his parents about his homosexuality.

How Platt Informs His Parents About His Homosexuality

By his own admission, the celebrity was raised in a musical Jewish family. His parents, on the other hand, were unconcerned about his discovery. On his tour to Israel, Platt shared the news with his parents when he was in eighth grade.

Platt recalls a friend telling him how fortunate he was on the tour. Platt’s homosexuality, according to his pal, allowed him to hang out with the girls, who even let him remain in their rooms.

The actor understood that what his friend said wasn’t meant to be offensive and that his friend was correct because all of his close pals were female. The chaperone, on the other hand, overheard the friend’s remarks and assumed Platt was being bullied by the other students. The chaperone made the decision to contact Platt’s parents.

Platt didn’t want his parents to be surprised, so he dialed their number from his Tel Aviv hotel. Even though he was aware that the time zones were different, he needed to inform them of his identity.

His mother, on the other hand, had foreseen what was to come and surprised him by inquiring about his sexuality. To shorten a long story short, Platt’s parents were not surprised to learn that he was gay.

Platt has been in a number of prominent Broadway productions, including Dear Evan Hansen. He’s also recognized for his role in The Politician, which is currently available on Netflix.