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Gemma Chan doesn’t want her relationship with Dominic Cooper to become a tabloid story.

Gemma Chan doesn’t want her relationship with Dominic Cooper to become a tabloid story.

After spending over a decade in the entertainment industry, Crazy Rich Asians actor Gemma Chan reveals that to survive, one has to learn the importance of privacy.

Despite her two long-term relationships with high-profile men, the actress prefers to maintain a private life.

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Chan Is Protective About Her Private Life

Like most celebrities, Chan likes to keep her private life out of the public eye. In her interview with Elle on January 6, 2021, the actress discussed how after spending over a decade in this industry; she has finally learned the importance of privacy.

Chan revealed that when she first started as an actress, she did not know what should be kept private. As for now, the actress mentioned she is more comfortable and knows the distinction between what should be private and what is to be shared.

Chan said:

When asked if she has ever encountered an unpleasant experience with the press, the actress replied she doesn’t have any bad experience per se, but there were occasions where she wasn’t in complete control while facing the press.

However, with time and experience, the actress revealed she has become more adept at dealing with the press.

Her Past Relationship

Chan was in a long-term relationship with comedian Jack Whitehall for over six years. The couple met in 2011 while debuting in the comedy-drama TV series Fresh Meat but had a falling out in 2017.

However, after a few years following their breakup, the couple made headlines when Whitehall, in an episode of his Netflix show, Travels With My Father, admitted that he could have gotten married to Chan, but he ruined his chances.

Dominic and Gemma

Since late 2018, the actress has been in a relationship with the Mamma Mia star Dominic Cooper. The dating rumors about the two were on the rise after they were spotted together in Spain in August 2017.

While Chan is generally quite private, she does enjoy sharing some rare pictures of her and Cooper.

Recently on April 2, 2020, Chan shared a picture of them inside a car. The caption specified the two were helping to deliver meals to the National Health Service (NHS) staff at Charing Cross Hospital on behalf of donate_cook_19, a non-profit organization that helps deliver cooked meals and supplies to the NHS staff.