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Freddy Rodriguez married how? His Family

Freddy Rodriguez married how? His Family

Freddy Rodrguez’s personal life is as happy as his playing career, which includes Lady in the Water, Bobby, Ugly Betty, Bull, The Night Shift, and Six Feet Under.

The Chicago native and his wife Elsie Rodriguez have two children. Here’s how he met his wife.

Freddy Rodriguez met Elsie at a family gathering.

Without his Puerto Rican parents, Rodriguez may never have met Elsie.

They were rigorous and introduced Rodriguez and his siblings to numerous family meetings and reunions to keep them away from the drug-dealing company in Bucktown, Chicago.

Rodriguez, aged 14, met Elsie during a family celebration.

His cousin invited him and brought her.

The famous actor fell for Elsie at first sight, but she was out of his league. The attraction was mutual, and they began dating as teenagers.

They married on December 23, 1995. The wedding was Rodriguez’s 20th.

Rodriguez’s wife and sons

Rodriguez and Elsie had Giancarlo the year after their wedding.

Elijah joined the family in 1998.

The Bull actor’s sons are now grown.

Giancarlo, a first-generation Latino, graduated from Boston University in May 2017. Since that year, he’s dated, Stan.

Elijah graduated from Edinburgh University in 2021. “Son, congrats! Congratulations!” Rodriguez posted on Instagram on August 27, 2021.

The 46-year-old highlighted the pandemic and asked kids to be tough. “May the perseverance you’ve developed to overcome this terrible moment always strengthen you,” he said.

Freddy Rodriguez is a good dad

Elsie, the founder of Interior Solutions LLC in Los Angeles, praises her partner-in-crime. On Father’s Day 2020, the mother-of-two praised Rodriguez’s fatherhood.

Elsie captioned a collection of Rodriguez and their sons’ photos, “Our boys are extremely blessed.” The designer called the actor a caring, hilarious, loving, compassionate, and attentive dad.

She said he was fatigued after work. Despite being exhausted, he always sat down with their children to talk about their day.

Elsie commended her husband for his devoted dedication “Happy Father’s Day! You’re great.”

The couple raised their kids well. Long bike rides, museum visits, and family gatherings kept them grounded.