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Freddie Jackson handled gay rumors and sexuality questions this way.

Freddie Jackson handled gay rumors and sexuality questions this way.

How often are celebrities’ sexualities scrutinized? Multiple times. Freddie Jackson has been criticized for hiding his personal life and sexual preferences.

In an interview, the American singer responded to the questions and ended the speculations.

Find out why he may have been susceptible to gay rumors in today’s interview.

Jackson addressed gay rumors in ‘Unsung’

The ‘You Are My Lady’ vocalist appeared on TV One’s Unsung in 2012. The documentary trailer said Jackson will discuss his sexuality.

Fans thought his description meant he’d come out as gay. The content didn’t match expectations.

Grammy-nominated musician evaded sexuality questions in series.

He felt no need to answer and said:

‘Tasty Love’ singer answered fans’ questions ambiguously by saying he never had to explain himself to his mum. He neither denied nor confirmed gay allegations, allowing followers to speculate.

Ambiguous interview fueled gay rumors

Many said the singer’s vague statement on Unsung confirmed the rumors.

On Yahoo’s sexuality page, a fan said, “He answered without answering.” The user then explained. He said a straight man would always deny being gay and stop rumors. Indecisiveness from the New Yorker backfired.

Another fan said Jackson didn’t come out because he had many female fans. The Yahoo user said the singer seemed effeminate in the documentary.

Many Jackson admirers believed he was gay after the conversation, but no conclusions could be drawn. It fueled rumors but supplied no solutions.

Absence of a Wife Figure Could Fuel Gay Rumors

Jackson’s sexuality may be questioned because he’s single. Despite his age, he’s never openly dated a woman. l

He has female friends and sings with them, but nothing more.

His lack of a wife-figure and lowkey personal life may explain gay allegations. No judgments can be drawn until the singer responds.