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For How Long Was James Brown’s Ex-wife Velma Warren Married To Him?

For How Long Was James Brown’s Ex-wife Velma Warren Married To Him?

James Brown is a well-known figure in the music industry and the self-proclaimed “hardest working man” in the industry. Brown’s ego is well-founded, as he is often regarded as the greatest artist in the history of black music. Furthermore, his influence on pop culture and other genres is enormous.

Brown has had a successful career spanning more than 50 years, but his personal life is a disaster. He married four women, the first of them being Velma Warren. Following her, his marriage to Deidre “Deedee” Jenkins was a fiasco, with domestic abuse allegations, and his third marriage to Adrienne Brown may be described as terrible. His marriage to Tomi Rae Hynie, which was ultimately found invalid because Hynie had not canceled her prior marriage, was similar.

Today, though, we’ll be focusing on Velma Warren, James Brown’s ex-wife, and her whereabouts.

Over a Decade of Marriage

It’s no surprise to learn about yet another contentious marriage involving James Brown; the two are almost intertwined. Except for the first wedding with Velma Warren, he married four times and each wedding has its unique story.

There isn’t much information regarding the couple’s relationship, unlike with James’ prior marriages. Velma and James’ marriage appeared to be peaceful. They even had three sons at the same time.

James, who was born in 1933, discovered R&B through gospel music and then produced funk music in the 1970s. Velma Warren, James Brown’s ex-wife, was also with him from the beginning of his career. She also stood by his side during his early days and aided him in his struggle.

Despite their love and support for each other, the former Brown couple split up in 1969. It wouldn’t be James Brown’s marriage without a twist, right? Despite the fact that the couple was supposed to have divorced in the late 1960s, Velma claimed they had never divorced and requested a share of his wealth. The documents, however, contradicted this.

Velma Brown, James Brown’s ex-wife, claims to be a survivor widow.

As previously stated, James Brown’s wife, Velma Warren Brown, divorced him after several decades of marriage. She made headlines in 2007 after claiming to have never divorced the iconic musician and requesting to be a part of his estate.

Velma Warren Brown, according to Today, filed a statement in Aiken County court stating that she never signed any agreement ending her marriage to James.

However, because Velma Brown, James Brown’s previous lover, had remarried, she contradicted her assertion. Velma admitted to having committed bigamy if she was not divorced, according to Louis Levenson, an attorney representing James Brown’s children.

Velma’s lawyer, David Bell, said that his client married the soul singer in 1953, had three children with her, and had been married for 17 years. In 1969, the couple was granted a divorce, according to The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle. On August 26, 1969, Judge John Hardin signed the divorce decree.

Velma Warren, James Brown’s ex-wife, argued that they were not legally divorced. Social media is the source of this image.

Velma Brown, it turns out, had filed for divorce from her husband on July 17, 1969, after five years of separation. The 73-year-old at the time, Velma’s original divorce petition, and the property settlement and maintenance signed by James and Velma Brown on June 27, 1969 were also contained in the court papers.

The judgment also declared their marriage null and void, allowing them to remarry.

Despite the story, Bell insisted that his client, Velma, and her late husband met at his South Carolina home weeks before he died. She also says in the document that James gave her $4000.

Three Sons’ Mother

Velma Brown, James Brown’s ex-wife, had three boys with him during their decade-long marriage: Terry Brown, Larry Brown, and Teddy Brown. According to a New York Times report, a five-year-old girl called Lisa Brown was also listed in Velma and James’ divorce settlement at the time of their divorce. As a result, she had to be the artist’s and his first wife’s sole child.

Velma Brown, James Brown’s ex-wife, lost her 19-year-old son Teddy Brown in an automobile accident in June 1973. Furthermore, Daryl Brown believes his brother’s death was premeditated and that Teddy was shot before the car crashed.

Terry, his mother’s kid, wanted to see his father’s will as it was, while his mother fought to claim his ex-assets. husband’s Unfortunately for James Brown’s children, none of his belongings were to be passed on to them. Furthermore, James had already told a friend that he would not be leaving any money to his children. He claimed that simply being his child was enough of a legacy. He concluded his confession by stating that they would not be receiving any compensation.

Velma Warren’s husband, on the other hand, had worked hard to establish this legacy, whether good or bad. And, to be honest, being James Brown’s children may be enough to make a living off of his fame, as they have already published books detailing their thoughts on their father’s life. So, in a way, they’re making money off of him, aren’t they?

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