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Even after breaking up, JustMaiko and her dancing partner Analisse still have a close friendship.

Even after breaking up, JustMaiko and her dancing partner Analisse still have a close friendship.

Internet personality Quite often, Justmaiko can be seen posting adorable photos with his best friend and ex-girlfriend, Analisse. Justmaiko and his dancing partner still have a wonderful connection and respect for one another even after they broke up.

Cute Pictures of JustMaiko and Ex-Girlfriend Analisse

Justmaiko, also known as Michael Le, and his accomplice are constantly setting Tik Tok ablaze. However, many people are unaware that they were formerly in a relationship. In a YouTube video, the dancing sensation himself admitted as much.

The compilation of clips that make up the video, which was posted on October 16, 2020, feature the dancing couple. Beginning with seductive dance maneuvers by Analisse and a bemused-looking JustMaiko, the video. A glimpse of Justmaiko’s 20th birthday celebration with Analisse’s family and friends is seen in the video that follows.

Another video shows a sweet exchange between the two. As they answer to their admirers all across the world, Justmaiko sweetly cuddles Analisse from behind in the videos. One admirer, in particular, enquired as to their current relationship. The social media celebrity answered right away.

They eventually admitted to have dated each other in the past.

Analysts acknowledged that she first met Le when she was 11 years old. As they started creating Tik Tok videos, their connection strengthened over time.

They emphasized, however, that they are simply best friends right now.

His Sweet Birthday Message

Analisis turned 20 years old on November 20, 2020, and Justmaiko celebrated by sending her a touching birthday greeting on Instagram.

He expressed his love for her and the rest of the globe in the caption of the same post. Le remarked that his life was profoundly altered by his encounter with her eight years ago.

He also acknowledged how delighted he was with her development into a brilliant, talented young woman.

He expressed his unwavering conviction that she was destined for better things and expressed excitement about what she will accomplish in the future.

A video of the two was also included in the article.

He and Annalise appear to be having a good time playing the “whisper challenge” in the funny video. The TikTok who has over 44M followers is obviously not the finest player out there, but he still looks to be having a wonderful time with his BFF.