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Erik Bragg: Who Is He? Kelly Osbourne’s Boyfriend: Everything You Need to Know

Erik Bragg: Who Is He? Kelly Osbourne’s Boyfriend: Everything You Need to Know

Fans have been intrigued about Kelly Osbourne’s boyfriend Erik Bragg since she posted a photo of him on Instagram in January. While the couple has kept their connection a closely guarded secret, we’ve put everything we know about Bragg in one spot.

He is a professional cinematographer, for starters.

Bragg is a professional cinematographer with credits in the 2016 TV series Sheckler Sessions, according to his IMDb profile. He appears to be a one-man army based on his profile, as he was also the show’s editor, director, and producer.

2. He’s a thrill-seeker Junkie

Kelly’s fiancé talked about how, contrary to his expectations, his journey to Southeast Asia was an incredible adventure on The Nine Club podcast. He had intended to buy a bus, convert it into an RV, and travel the country. It turns out that buying a car for non-Thais is a hassle.

So he flew to Vietnam, bought a motorcycle, and drove north with no goal in mind. He stated they simply rode until it was too dark to drive and then stayed in the homes of the locals! Oh! He also swam with bats in caves. During his nine-month voyage to Asia, he accomplished all of this and more.

3. Winning a $1.58 billion jackpot while lying

Bragg said on Instagram in January 2016 that he had the winning numbers from that week’s jackpot lottery, awarding him $1.58 billion.

Despite the fact that many of his fans had called his bluff, the post garnered over 95,000 likes and 80,000 comments by the next day. Because no one had won the prior twenty drawings, that jackpot was actually the highest lottery reward ever.

Obviously, Bragg did not win the lotto, but he did create a lot of buzzes!

4. He was a professional skateboarder who preferred to make money in other ways.

During the same podcast, the pro skateboarder from California revealed that, while he enjoyed the sport, he would not want to use it as his primary source of income. Chris Roberts, the show’s host, couldn’t help but agree.

Living off the money from skateboarding, especially in LA, was a huge hardship for Roberts, who is a professional skateboarder. So much so that a half-decent skater could struggle to find a car to rent or lease. However, when Roberts stated that it was more about passion than money, they were on the same page.

5. He’s a Business Owner

Erik Bragg is an explorer, that much is apparent. In keeping with his nature, he got lost while hunting for a house and discovered an opportunity in the process. He arrived at the top of a hill with a view of the Los Angeles skyline. To cut a long story short, instead of a house, he ended up purchasing Glass Mountain.

Since then, he’s been renting out the hill to advertising and photography agencies. Some of the more well-known celebrities and businesses who have filmed at the location include Jaden Smith, Ford, and Chevrolet.