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Elliana Walmsley accuses her brother Luke of molestation, but refutes his claims regarding their mother.

Elliana Walmsley accuses her brother Luke of molestation, but refutes his claims regarding their mother.


Elliana Walmsley is a 14-year-old dancer who is most known for her YouTube channel and Lifetime’s Dance Moms. Yolanda and Kevin Walmsley, as well as her two older brothers, Jacob and Luke Walmsley, raised her in Colorado.

The dancer and her family are quite close. Her parents are really proud of her. Yolanda also oversees her daughter’s professional life.

However, there appear to be problems in paradise these days. There are various rumors that Elliana’s parents and brother are abusing her. The whole thing is a huge jumble and perplexing, so here’s what we know so far.

Is Yolanda Abusive to Her Kids?

Since the mother-daughter combo was on Dance Moms, Yolanda has been accused of assaulting her daughter Elliana. Elliana apologized to her mother for not winning in Season 7, Episode 8 of the reality show, and swiftly exited the room.

Yolanda was chastised by the other moms for her daughter’s strange behavior, and it was implied that she was abusing Elliana. Elliana’s behavior was also influencing the other teens in the group, according to them.

Yolanda has also been accused of mentally abusing her daughter by the show’s and Elliana’s followers on several occasions.

Elliana’s brother Luke began exposing his mother on social media in 2020. He regularly uploads recordings of his mother being verbally and physically abusive to TikTok and Instagram.

Luke claimed in the recordings that his mother had beaten him and his brothers, was drunk and high on drugs and had kicked him out of the house when he was 15 years old. Various Instagram pages re-uploaded his footage, and he frequently commented.

Yolanda’s arrest report is also making the rounds on the internet. On July 3, 2020, she was arrested in Boulder for domestic assault, according to the report.

Elliana defended Yolanda while accusing Luke of the crime.

Elliana followed Luke’s lead and started uploading videos on TikTok, but she defended her mother instead. Yolanda, she claimed, had never touched her in any way.

In an interview with Girl’s Life, she stated that Yolanda is the person she admires the most. This is due to Yolanda’s outstanding guidance to Elliana, and Elliana is unable to function without her.

Even in her brother’s TikTok videos, the dancer defended her mother. She said that everything Luke stated was a lie.

Luke replied by reminding his sister of the time he had to hold their mother back while Yolanda was assaulting her.

While Elliana had nothing but positive things to say about her mother, her brother was a different story.

She accused Luke of abusing her on multiple occasions. When Luke was ten and she was five, he allegedly took the dancer’s “innocence.” She couldn’t go into detail about the abuses because it was against the law.

She claimed, however, that the violence had traumatized her and that Luke had been arrested multiple times for his crimes. Furthermore, she accused Luke of grasping and shoving their mother.

Luke also took her phone, which the cops had to recover. For a long time, the Walmsleys have been accusing each other, but no one has been able to pinpoint the truth.