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Eiza González’s Boyfriend List – See The People She Has Dated

Eiza González’s Boyfriend List – See The People She Has Dated

When it comes to love partners, Eiza González of the film Baby Driver has a clear type: gorgeous! Gonzalez captured the attention of the mainstream media when she and Call Me by Your Name star Timothee Chalamet were caught kissing in Mexico.

Timothee isn’t the only celebrity with whom Eiza has been linked. It’s difficult not to be envious, so have a look. The following is a list of Eiza González’s boyfriends, including everyone she has dated or is reported to have dated. As a result, have fun.

Diaz, Pepe

In 2011, Eiza, a Mexican actress, and Pepe Diaz, a Brazilian businessman, dated for a few years. The ex-lovers were open about their relationship and frequently expressed their love for one another on social media.

Eiza and her ex-boyfriend, on the other hand, ended their relationship in 2013. In August, the Suea Conmigo actress acknowledged their breakup on social media, stating they had been separated for more than a month. Eiza, on the other hand, made it apparent that she was delighted to bring the cycle to an end so that another fantastic one could begin.

Eiza and Pepe had broken up on several occasions, but they seemed to heal their relationship until it was irreparably damaged. An audio tape was also leaked a few months later, proving Eiza had cheated on her ex-boyfriend with his brother, Jorge Diaz.

After a year of dating, Eiza González and Pepe Diaz called it quits. Facebook is the source of this image.

The actress was overheard discussing her friendship with Pepe on the audiotape. She was also overheard assuring Jorge that he was terrible in bed. Isn’t that typical? Eiza’s representatives verified that the recording had been tampered with. They went on to say that the Eiza had nothing to do with Jorge and that the tape was not aimed at Pepe’s brother. Finally, they admitted that the voice was Eiza’s.

Liam Hemsworth is a British actor.

After calling off their engagement for the first time, Eiza was sighted with Miley Cyrus’ ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

Eiza and Liam were also seen making out in Los Angeles and partying at a Las Vegas nightclub. The romance was short-lived, though, as Liam reconciled with Miley in 2016.

Eiza, on the other hand, refuses to discuss the relationship, claiming that it is unnecessary. Furthermore, she seemed irritated when she compared her ‘public figure’ situation to that of the institution. She went on to say that people know each other and that she is connected to them because of her surroundings.

Gonzalez was also perplexed as to why her life choices and circles were so important. Despite this, she joyfully moved on from the Australian star.

Cotrona, D.J.

Global Warming and two gorgeous celebs dating are two topics that the world can’t seem to get enough of. So when Eiza, a Mexican actress, and D.J. Cotrona, an American actor, made their relationship public while filming From Dusk Till Dawn, their chemistry stunned everyone. In addition, following Labor Day Weekend in 2014, they announced their relationship.

Unfortunately, the gorgeous couple’s romance only lasted approximately a year between 2014 and 2015. Cotrona and Eiza also remained tight-lipped about their relationship, refusing to reveal the cause for their split.

As a result, we can only hope that Eiza and D.J. Cotrona ended their relationship amicably. Regardless, Cotrona isn’t the first or only D.J. she’s dated.

Calvin Harris is a musician from the United Kingdom.

After being pictured together in 2016, actress Eiza and producer Calvin Harris fuelled relationship suspicions. The fact that they were walking hand in hand added fuel to the flames.

Calvin and Eiza were not disguising their feelings after arriving together at a home party, according to E! News. They were also seen together the entire day, mingling, holding hands, and allegedly being quite touchy-feely.

The romance rumors about Eiza González and Calvin Harris arose when they were seen together at a party. Eiza/Instagram Calvin’s is the source of this image.

They were also ‘canoodling all night,’ according to a source, and “it was evident they were really into one other.”

Despite the romance speculations following his breakup with Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris was said to be having fun and embracing singlehood. Being affectionate isn’t always a bad thing.


While discussing her romance with a musician, Eiza also fueled dating rumors with Maluma, a Colombian singer. The speculation began after Eiza’s alleged lover, Maluma, joined her at a nightclub in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, a month after the romance rumors began, the former couple was photographed at LA’s Avenue nightclub. They’ve been dating since July 2017, according to TV Notas. However, due to their busy schedules, their relationship was a little strained.

Due to their busy schedules, Eiza González and Maluma’s courtship did not lead to a relationship. Eiza & Maluma’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

According to a close acquaintance, the former couple were playful and weren’t serious because they didn’t think their relationship would endure. He did, however, include other losses, such as distance and strong personalities, which kept Eiza and Maluma from committing.

Duhamel, Josh

Among the dates and dating rumors, Eiza dated Josh Duhamel from the TV show Unsolved. The former pair met at a party after Jennifer Lopez’s pre-Super Bowl show in Minnesota, according to US Weekly.

Eiza and Josh allegedly drank and partied together until late at night, and Josh sought Eiza’s number from a mutual friend. They were also constantly face timing and texting. Josh even confessed that he’d never met anyone quite like her.

However, due to their busy schedules, they split up in July 2018.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer who plays for Real Madrid

People wondered if Gonzalez and famed soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo were dating when they were pictured together in Ibiza in July 2016.

A grainy photo of them appeared on the internet, sparking romance rumors about the two superstars. In addition, the suave Portuguese footballer is said to have joined Eiza at a Hollywood Warwick nightclub party the same month.

After being sighted in Ibiza, Eiza González and Cristiano fuelled relationship suspicions. Instagram account of Eiza/Cristiano.

The alleged couple, on the other hand, left the venue separately and never addressed the rumors. Cristiano is enjoying fatherhood with his long-term partner, Spanish beauty Georgina Rodriguez.

Eiza Gonzalez, on the other hand, is still stoking romance rumors and looking for Mr. Right.

Timothée Chalamet is a French actor.

After TMZ spotted Timothée Chalamet and Mexican actress Gonzalez dating in Cabo, Mexico, in June 2020, the two caused a major sensation in the media.

According to TMZ, the romance did not finish with a kiss, as he grabbed up a guitar and began performing as they were relaxing poolside. Despite their age difference, Timothee, 24, and Eiza, 30, had a lovely relationship.

Timothee and Eiza González’s romance did not endure long. Eiza/Instagram Timothee’s is the source of this image.

Eiza and Timothee’s followers were overjoyed when they found out they were dating in 2020, but their romance was short-lived. Their relationship lasted as long as their 5-day vacation in Mexico. As a result, their summer affair didn’t even make it to the fall, let alone a mention of Gonzalez in a GQ winter article.

Lachowicz, Dusty

When Mexican actress Gonzalez was seen with Dusty Lachowicz, it prompted rumors about her love life. After they were seen on a coffee date in December 2020, rumors began to circulate.

Eiza and Dusty were afterwards seen together on several occasions, and she confirmed their relationship when the two were photographed hand-in-hand during a shopping trip in Los Angeles.

Eiza Gonzalez has remained tight-lipped about her current partner, as she has in the past. However, being private is a personal choice, and celebrities are not obligated to share their personal lives with us.

Despite the fact that Eiza Gonzalez’s ex-boyfriends, relationship rumors, and flings span over a decade, we sincerely hope she finds the perfect person with whom to share her love and life.

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