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Dr. Umar Johnson bio, age, height, weight, net worth, salary, nationality

Doctor & Author

Dr. Umar Johnson

Facts of Dr. Umar Johnson

Full Name:Dr. Umar Johnson
Birth Date:August 21, 1974
Age:47 years
Profession:Doctor & Author
Salary$50,965 Per Year (Approx.)
FatherJamal Abdullah-Johnson
SiblingsTen Siblings
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Within the Afro-American community, Dr. Umar Johnson is considered as a divisive personality. He has begun the revolution of gathering all Africans together to fulfill his plan of having access to the political, economic, and social pillars by proclaiming himself as the Prince of Pan-Africanism.

Dr.Umar is a committed Psychologist who not only treats patients with depression but also inspires millions of people as a public speaker and writer.

Umar Denied Seeing His Daughter After Fling With Khym

He was linked to stripper Khym Ringgold, alias Kim Carmella Ringgold, according to rumors. In 2015, she put Umar on blast for about a month, posting personal SMS messages about their romance on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube videos. Umar, on the other hand, is unsure about their relationship, claiming that they never dated and instead had three “after midnights.”

The married life of Umar Johnson is a mystery. He had two daughters from two separate ladies at the time. Nyesha, one of his baby mamas and the owner of a cafe/restaurant on Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia, forbade him from seeing his kid. He published a YouTube video in January 2018 in which he asked for help in his battle with Nyesha for visiting rights.
He was hesitant to marry even though he had baby mamas at the time. He publicly stated in 2014 that when he finishes his quest to create an FDMG school, he will marry his dream wife.

He has yet to declare his marriage and appear in public with his putative wife.

What is the net worth of Umar Garner?

Dr. Umar Johnson’s net worth is derived from his work as a motivational speaker and author. An author is paid an average of $50,965 a year, according to Payscale. Similarly, he recalls his $197 per hour salary as a motivational speaker.
He was a guest on “The Roland Martin Show,” where he talked about Black love, relationships, lust, sex, and lying.

He is the author of the book “Psycho Academic Holocaust: The Special Education and ADHD Wars Against Black Boys,” which is the first book written by an Afro-American that focuses on tactics for combating special education and ADHD in black people. He’s also written The Heroic Slave / Walker’s Appeal (2 in 1 Title) and Dismantling the Matrix: Serenity for the Surveilled Vol:1.
He’s a motivational speaker and an Afro-American activist. He considers himself the “Prince of Pan-Africanism.” Pan Africanism is a movement and philosophy aimed at uniting all Africans. “Unity for the upliftment of the political, economic, and social foundations of society,” is the organization’s guiding concept.

Pan-Africanism aspires to unite all people of African ancestry. He is frequently the target of controversy, and his tweets have resulted in blowback. On January 27, 2018, he stated that “everyone wears a mask but has the same underlying opinions on black people underneath,” prompting his supporters to call him “racists and hypocrites.”

Biographical Summary

Dr. Umar Johnson’s full name is Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson, according to wiki, and he was born on August 21, 1987, in North Central, Philadelphia. He is of African-American descent.

Dr. Umar is the oldest of eleven brothers and sisters. He has two elder sisters and is the third child of Jamal Abdullah-Johnson and Bernice Elizabeth Dockins Abdullah-Johnson. He also has five younger siblings, including three younger sisters. In the US Marine Corps, his father served as a Sergeant.

He is a School Psychologist and a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in African and Afro-American children’s mental health and education.

Facts in Context

You won’t want to miss these Umar Johnson facts:
Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson is his given name, although he goes as Jermaine Shoemake. His name was changed to Umar by his parents, according to reports.

Dr. Umar Johnson was included in one of the best-selling documentaries, Hidden Colors 1, 2, and 3.