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Dominic Sherwood’s ex-girlfriends have moved on.

Dominic Sherwood’s ex-girlfriends have moved on.

Dominic Sherwood’s dating life has long intrigued fans. Sherwood’s chiseled face and buff frame make him a heartthrob.

Sarah Hyland and Niamh Adkins were his ex-girlfriends.

Sarah Hyland

Sherwood and Hyland met while filming Vampire Academy in 2014. Hyland played Natalie, and Sherwood was Christian Ozera.

Friendship turned into romance. In January 2015, the couple officially announced their love during Blind Dragon’s opening.

First Valentine’s Day in Disneyland, matching arrow tattoos.

Their increasing connection showed in interviews. “Incredible. He’s great “She told E! News in April 2015.

The couple attended red carpet events and Lakers games. They stopped posting photos of each other on social media, indicating a breakup.

ET reported their amicable split in August 2017. Their romance “ran its course,” a source said.

Sherwood broke his silence a year later. He told Courier-Mail he and Hyland handled the split differently.

Niamh Adkins replaced Sherwood.

Sherwood became vocal about Adkins a year after splitting from Hyland. The couple began dating in 2018 and celebrated Sherwood’s birthday.

They even posted an Instagram photo from a tropical vacation. The now-deleted kissing photo showed their romance.

The romance ended secretly.


Sherwood is single. He hasn’t mentioned his romance. His social media shows his work and new endeavors.

His ex-girlfriends have moved on, though. Adkins is dating actor Joe Ando. Hyland is engaged to Wells Adams.

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Apologized for Homophobic Slurs

Sherwood insulted LGBTQ+ supporters in November 2017.

Shadowhunters co-star Matthew Daddario went on Facebook Live. Sherwood, unaware, greeted his colleague with a homophobic slur.

Daddario told him they were life.

Sherwood apologized on Instagram, stating he was responsible and making no excuses. He apologized to his followers for his nasty behavior.