Chris Appleton Had Two Kids with Previous Partner before Coming Out as Gay


Chris Appleton, the stylist who created Kim Kardashian West’s neon hairstyle for 2018, has been in the hair industry since he was 13 years old. His mother served as his initial model and ultimately served as the motivation for his professional choice.

The famous hairstylist took a little longer than most to come to terms with his sexuality compared to many others who do. At the age of 26, after having two children with his then-partner Katie Katon, Appleton came out as gay.

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Chris Appleton: Is he gay?

In his early teens, Appleton started working at a salon in Leicester after discovering hairstyling to be therapeutic. He spent nearly ten years working at the salon, where he met Katie Katon, the owner, and began dating her. They later got engaged.

Billy was a boy and Kitty-Blu was a daughter that Chris Appleton and his wife had together.

After becoming a father in 2009, Appelton came to terms with his sexual orientation.

When the hairstylist chose to come out publicly at age 26, he had only come to terms with his sexuality.

His wife Katon said in a New York Times interview that the period leading up to Appleton’s coming out was “sad” for the two of them.

Even after all these years, Appleton and his wife continued to communicate frequently, give fashion tips, and keep each other updated on their family, jobs, and kids. Also, Katon admitted to being his friend and assisting him in gaining composure before his important concerts.

Some People Immediately Know, I Didn’t.

The “talented hair transformationist,” as his client Kim Kardashian West addressed Appleton, talked about his decision to come out later in life and how it felt during an interview for Gay Times.

The beauty mogul interrupted the session halfway through and inquired of Appelton as to why he had arrived so late. The hairstylist modestly responded that, unlike many individuals, he didn’t immediately recognize his sexual orientation.

Appleton admitted that even after his delayed realization, it took him some time to comprehend and accept that he was gay. This delayed his decision to come out.

Chris Appleton desired for his kids to comprehend

Outside of his own difficulties, Appleton said in the same interview that he was worried about his kids. Appleton told the outlet that it was crucial for him that his kids felt at ease and knew what he was doing. He took his time with everything as a result.

Considering the relationship that Appelton and his children have today, his assessment was not entirely incorrect. Appleton posted a sweet photo of himself and his kids enjoying the Christmas season on Instagram on December 26, 2020.