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Anthony Anderson began looking after his health in order to provide for his wife and children.

Anthony Anderson began looking after his health in order to provide for his wife and children.

When Anthony Anderson was originally diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he didn’t take his health seriously. Instead, he blamed his symptoms on his employment, which had kept him occupied.

He was sluggish and had a continual thirst and want to urinate. But it wasn’t until he drank nearly 5 gallons of water in one and a half hours that he realized he needed medical help.

Anderson went to the doctor because of the symptoms and was diagnosed with diabetes in 2002. Not only that, but his cholesterol and blood pressure were both elevated.

The physicians prescribed three different drugs and advised him to begin exercising.

They had assured him that if he kept his glucose level stable during workouts, the medicine dosage would be reduced. Anderson, on the other hand, was unable to make the necessary radical modification on the spot. From his perspective, he thought he was doing well.

All of that changed when the comedian’s father died of type 2 diabetes. His father had never taken him to the hospital and had never given his condition the attention it deserved. As a result, his health had irreversibly deteriorated.

Anderson saw the impact of death on family members after his father died, and swore to take care of himself for his family – his wife and children.

Anthony Anderson’s Wife: Who Is She?

Anderson’s personal life has always been overshadowed by his illustrious career, prompting people to wonder if Anthony Anderson is married.

Yes, absolutely!

Anderson and his wife, Alvina Stewart, have been married for a long time. After meeting at Howard University, the couple began dating and married in 1999.

Daughter Kyra Anderson and son Nathan Anderson were born to the high school sweethearts. However, their relationship hit a snag when they split up in April 2015.

In September 2015, Anderson’s wife filed for divorce in a Los Angeles court, alleging irreconcilable differences. In January 2017, she dropped her petition and reconnected with her estranged partner.

Stewart works at Stewart Attorney Support Services as a senior litigation paralegal.

His children and wife assisted him in maintaining his health.

Anderson bragged about his fitness quest after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

The 51-year-old revealed that his fitness-obsessed wife inspired him to get in better shape. He also noted that his children were in good shape, which encouraged him to keep going.

According to his accounts, their very existence in his life was enough to push him to take his health seriously. The Emmy-nominated actor didn’t want his family to experience what he experienced when his father died.

He also wanted to be a role model for his mother, who had been afflicted with the disease. As a result of his better decisions, the Black-ish actor began eating healthier and cleaner foods.

He began exercising and even purchased a bicycle for travel. Anderson had already shed 46 pounds as a result of his commitment at the time of the interview.

In 2018, he even collaborated with Novo Nordisk to launch the Get Real About Diabetes campaign.