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Anastasia Serman, She Is Mike Dirnt’s Ex-wife – Divorce Reason And Children

Anastasia Serman, She Is Mike Dirnt’s Ex-wife – Divorce Reason And Children

In the NBA, there are extremely few players that are married to their childhood sweethearts. LeBron James, Deron Williams, Andre Iguodala, and others are among them. Today, we’ll discuss about Andre Iguodala’s wife Christina Gutierrez, a Miami Heat player, and their connection.

Andre has not only demonstrated his accomplishment and skilled defensive skills on the court, but he has also expressed his love for his family and children. Let’s get right to the point and discover about Andre Iguodala’s wife, Christina Gutierrez aka Christina Gutierrez Iguodala, without further ado.

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Christina Gutierrez Iguodala is Andre Iguodala’s wife.

Andre Iguodala’s partner is a pro at keeping a low profile except for rare televised appearances and participation in her husband’s games. In this day and age, zero activity on social media platforms is highly improbable. Mrs. Iguodala, on the other hand, is keeping her privacy.

Andre’s wife, an NBA star, is incredibly private. Pinterest is the source of this image.

The couple has been together since they were 15 years old and has had its ups and downs. In a relationship, compatibility is a real thing that holds the key. That could explain why Andre and Christina have been together so long. Despite the fact that nothing is known about the pair, they attended the same high school in Springfield, Illinois. In addition, they were the prom couple.

Christina Gutierrez, Andre Iguodala’s wife, rose to recognition as a result of her husband’s success as an NBA player and book, but she must have been enjoying her own career as well. She has, however, been in public with Andre on multiple occasions, including the Jimmy Kimmel Show, major sporting events, and so on.

Andre Iguodala Married His Sweetheart From High School

The Iguodala couple married in 2015 after numerous years of dating and suffering through every kind of adversity together.

In August 2015, former Warriors player and NBA Finals MVP Andre married Christina, his childhood sweetheart, at One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos, Mexico. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Festus Ezeli, Celtics player Evan Turner, and Draymond Green were among the guests at the wedding, which was attended by their families, friends, and teammates.

Mrs. Iguodala wore Reem Acra and later Zuhair Murad for the wedding, while Andre Iguodala’s son acted as best man and wore a tuxedo similar to his father. “Got a ring, finals MVP, and got married in the same summer,” Klay Thompson said on Instagram, congratulating Andre. That’s incredible. “I’m really proud of you, dude!”

Since then, the couple has been together and in love without causing any rumors of infidelity. Andre Tyler Iguodala II, the couple’s kid, was born in 2007, as previously stated. The father-son duo enjoys spending time together and has a strong bond.

The Iguodala family is happy and prospering, despite the fact that love isn’t documented on social media.

The IQ of Andre Iguodala’s daughter is 151.

Andre Iguodala has a daughter named London Iguodala with his ex-girlfriend Clayanna Warthen. Because London was born in 2009, the relationship between Andre and his wife, Christina, is a little hazy. They are, however, together today, so things may have worked out.

Returning to London, TMZ reported that she has an IQ of 151, which places her in the top 97 percent of the population. In addition, Iguodala’s ex-girlfriend, Warthen, demanded $58,000 a month in child support from the NBA player. She also said that Andre, an NBA veteran, would not allow his daughter to meet his other child.

Andre Iguodala is currently pursuing his blossoming profession as an author alongside his equally secretive wife, Christina, and son, Andre Jr. Let’s hope the Iguodala family continues to be successful and prosperous.

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