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An In-Depth Look at Henry Zebrowski’s Marriage to Natalie Jean

An In-Depth Look at Henry Zebrowski’s Marriage to Natalie Jean

Henry Zebrowski hasn’t been single since 2015, and he’s made his relationship public for the previous four years. Zebrowski found the perfect wife in Natalie Jean, and he isn’t afraid to flaunt his love life on social media.

The couple decided to put a ring on their romance in early 2018 after dating for two years and a few months, and before the end of the year, they were married.

The Engagement of Henry Zebrowski

On January 24, 2018, Zebrowski posted an unusual caption to his Instagram account. He declared that the pet dog he and Jean had, Wendy, would no longer be a bastard.

The caption was clearly a reference to the stunning square-cut engagement diamond in the adjacent photo. A month later, the actor referred to the item as the engagement ring.

The Wolf of Wall Street star uploaded a reportedly candid photo of his wife-to-be displaying the ring for the camera in the first week of February 2018, while she not so subtly feigned to put on a relaxed look.

Zebrowski claimed in the caption that the obvious engagement ring on his fiancée’s finger had nothing to do with the date night photo. He further jokingly guaranteed that the post was “absolutely not posed or planned, and not about the ring.”

The Wedding of Henry Zebrowski and Natalie Jean

By the fall of 2018, the couple had become husband and wife. The ginger-haired star seemed to be overjoyed. He posted a lovely family photo on Instagram on October 15, 2018, the day after his wedding.

The groom had removed his jacket, the bride stood happily in her low-cut gown, and the family’s tiniest member nestled between his dog-parents.

The pair, of course, spent the Halloween weekend on their honeymoon. Zebrowski even shared a photograph of himself and his newlywed bride posing in the dark. According to the caption, the couple went on a Halloween honeymoon every year.

Henry Zebrowski and his wife have moved into a new house.

According to Variety, Zebrowski and his wife bought a gated mansion in June 2020 on the border of the trendy San Fernando Valley towns of Studio City and Valley Village.

The couple purchased the property for around $1.2 million, despite the fact that it was previously offered for $1.4 million, according to the outlet.

The publication stated that they examined various sources to ensure that the estate was truly purchased by Zebrowski and his wife.

The estate, which had been on the market since 2019, was said to include three bedrooms and three bathrooms spread out over the main house that was roughly 2500 square feet.

The property also included two separate guest units, each with its own bathroom.

There were also formal living and dining rooms on the estate.

A classic hardwood fireplace was elaborately crafted in the main room. The homeowners could entertain their guests in the dining room with a big built-in oak buffet. In addition, polished oak floorboards were installed in both the living and dining areas.

A long and unexpectedly spacious family room with a corner fireplace on one end and an asymmetrical double-height wall of windows enhanced with carved wood paneling on the other was added to the area.