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Alex Cooper refutes claims of plastic surgery while praising Photoshop.

Alex Cooper refutes claims of plastic surgery while praising Photoshop.

Alex Cooper, real name Alexandra, the famous Call Her Daddy podcast host, was caught manipulating her photos on Instagram in August 2021, resulting in a controversy.

Cooper sparked the controversy after she shared an edited photo from her birthday trip to Las Vegas on August 21, 2021. Of course, no one would have noticed the modifications if Lauren hadn’t posted the same photo in a photo dump without any alterations.

Naturally, observant fans were quick to spot the discrepancies and compare the two images.

The social media influencer has been chastised for promoting unrealistic body ideals. They also accused her of preventing them from sharing their images on social media.

Thankfully, some of her devoted followers sympathized with her and pointed out how all women are pressured to modify their photos before uploading them on social media.

Despite widespread discussion over her decision to retouch her photos, Cooper stayed silent on the subject and only spoke up months later.

Alex Cooper on Her Photo Editing

Cooper discussed the photos that exposed her for Photoshopping in her podcast episode titled “I Got Caught Photoshopping” on September 22, 2021.

The skilled broadcaster reminisced about how joyful she was throughout her entire birthday night with her family and friends. She felt good and at ease as a person, in her own words. However, seeing herself in photographs made her feel uneasy about her figure.

Before publishing the photo on Instagram, she used FaceTune, an editing program, to give herself an hourglass shape. Unfortunately, the podcaster awoke to traumatic hate comments the next day. She erased the photos right away and avoided watching any videos with critical content or harsh comments.

Cooper admitted to not having used TikTok since the event. The 27-year-old then claimed that the issue was a wake-up call for her, vowing that she would never modify photos on social media again.

Cooper quickly revealed that she had been manipulating her images since high school after recounting the events. She explained that she made her legs appear larger because she was bullied because she had skinny legs.

Cooper has long been open about manipulating images, as she has admitted. She even denied accusations of plastic surgery and attributed her flawless appearance to Photoshop.

Alex Cooper refuted rumors of plastic surgery.

Cooper has always been dogged by rumors of plastic surgery. Thankfully, on December 29, 2018, the Pennsylvania native cleared the air on the subject via her podcast.

While co-hosting the show with Sofia Franklyn, she answered some of the most often asked questions. One of the queries was whether they had undergone body and lip surgery.

Cooper denied having plastic surgery and claimed that their podcast’s cover photo was manipulated. She even admitted to doing the Kylie Jenner lip challenge right before the shoot, claiming that they didn’t look like that in real life.