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After five disastrous marriages, Lorrie Morgan married Randy White.

After five disastrous marriages, Lorrie Morgan married Randy White.

Lorrie Morgan’s career has had ups and downs. Before entering the music profession, the brilliant vocalist lost her father.

The star’s marriages ended in divorce or death.

Five divorces

The singer had six marriages.

Lorrie married Ron Gaddis two days before her 21st birthday. Then they had Morgan.

Their marriage was terminated in 1980 due to family and career difficulties.

Lorrie focused on her work and daughter after her divorce. In 1985, she met Miami, my Amy star Keith Whitley while working at Acuff-Rose. Lorrie was smitten by Whitley’s voice.

In 1986, they married and had Jesse. Lorrie’s friends and family cautioned her about Whitley’s drinking binges, but she was desperate to help him.

In 1989, as Lorrie’s career took off, Whitley’s alcoholism resurfaced. The singer’s spouse died of an alcohol overdose while she was on tour, leaving her a widow at 30.

Lorrie married Brad Thompson, Jon Randall, and Sammy Kershaw after Whitley’s death. Kershaw was her longest-lasting marriage.


Lorrie found Randy White after six years with Kershaw. Over a decade has passed since the couple met. The couple appears happy.

Lorrie uploaded a photo of them in 2019 on Facebook. The description suggested they were celebrating their anniversary on a sunset sail in the Gulf of Mexico.