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After a six-year separation from her ex-husband, Kelly Price is getting married.

After a six-year separation from her ex-husband, Kelly Price is getting married.

Kelly Cherelle Price is an R&B and gospel singer from the United States who has sung backup for Mariah Carey and the late Whitney Houston.

Price had already had a successful solo career for several years when she released her cover of ‘As We Lay’ in 2000.

The vocalist, who was born on April 4, 1973, is a seven-time Grammy Award nominee who has worked with Eric Clapton, Jermaine Dupri, and LL Cool J, among others.

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Kelly Price is now married to an unknown man.

Price announced her engagement on April 26 when she shared a photo of herself holding hands with her fiance and displaying her fresh new diamond engagement ring on Instagram.

In a recent interview with Madamenoire, the 48-year-old discussed her engagement and stated that she would not tell who her fiance is.

“I told myself that when the time comes to tell the world, I’m going to tell the world exactly who that person is,” she added.

Price revealed that she has been engaged to her fiance for more than two years and that she has kept her personal life secret because she did not want to repeat her previous marriage’s mistakes.

Kelly Price’s Opinion on Modern Dating

After more than two decades of being single, Price was taken aback by today’s dating culture.

She related a fantastic story about her first date with a man she met online. She drove herself to the place, had a wonderful night with her date, and believed her first date had gone wonderfully.

However, she received an unsolicited image of the person she had gone on a date with on her phone within two hours of returning home. She shouted and dropped her phone on the floor as a result of the occurrence.

At first, society surprised her and convinced her that dating was not for her. But as she fell in love with her first lover, she found a comfortable place in the dating world.

Later, he got down on his knees and proposed to her.

She claimed that on the tenth anniversary of her first marriage, she held a large wedding ceremony. She wants to do things differently this time.

Despite knowing she was in love, she acknowledged how tough it was for her to persuade herself to perform all the things she did 20 years before. If there’s one thing she’s learned from her past marriage, it’s that she should never force herself to stay in a bad situation.

“Because I’ve been through divorce before, and it’s not fun, even when you know you need it. It’s not enjoyable, “she observed.

Kelly Price and Her Ex-Relationship Husband’s

Price was married to Jeffrey Rolle for over 20 years before divorcing him five years ago in 2016. However, the gospel singer stated that she and her former husband have “no bitter feelings” and that she will “love Jeff till the day she dies.”

Jeffrey Rolle, Jr., 23 years old, and Jonia Rolle, 21 years old, are the couple’s children.

Price admitted that, while her divorce was necessary for their well-being and the marriage needed to end, the process was not enjoyable, and the media attention around her divorce didn’t help matters.

We can understand why she is attempting a new approach to her marriage this time!