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Meet Julian Angel Vai – Photos Of Steve Vai’s Son With Wife Pia Maiocco

Meet Julian Angel Vai – Photos Of Steve Vai’s Son With Wife Pia Maiocco

Julian Angel Vai, son of American singer and guitarist Steve Vai, was born on March 1, 1989, in Encino, Los Angeles, California. Pia Maiocco, Steve’s wife, had Julian. He is the couple’s firstborn. Julian’s parents have been married since 1988 and appear to have a happy marriage.

Julian has an older brother, Fire Vai, who was born on March 1, 1992. Julian and Fire, who were born three years apart, share the same birthday. Julian Angel, Steve and Pia’s oldest child, is a successful musician who lives in California.

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Julian Angel Vai, Steve Vai’s son, is interested in music.

Julian Angel, the eldest son of Steve Vai and Pia Maiocco, is making his parents proud with his enthusiasm for music and guitar playing. Julian Angel, a young and skilled singer, currently sings background vocals and uploads music to his Discogs page on a regular basis.

Julian Angel Vai, like his father Steve Vai, enjoys playing the guitar. Absolute Radio is the source for this image.

Steve Vai and Julian Angel Vai, a father-son pair, have a strong bond. Steve also never forgets to wish his two sons Julian Angel and Fire a happy birthday.

Fans of Steve’s music also applaud the guitarist’s adorable sons in the tweet. Steve and his wife Pia have two wonderful children. Fire Vai, on the other hand, enjoys spending time with his older brother, Julian.

Julian Angel Vai is a dog walker who works full-time.

Julian Angel Vai’s Instagram bio describes him as a “dog walker,” and he includes a link to the Rover website. Rover, as we all know, is a website that provides professional dog walking services. Julian Angel has turned a pastime into a career. Julian claims on his Rover profile that he will walk dogs of any breed near Valley Village, California.

Julian is also a 5-star dog walker, according to his dog walking profile, with over 124 reviewers indicating that he is the greatest dog walker in town. Julian costs $70 a night to house sit a dog, $24 per visit for drop-in visits, and $24 for 30-minute walks per dog. As a result, we can see that Julian earns a lot of money from his service. Julian prefers to keep a modest profile and is content strolling dogs rather than pursuing the media spotlight with showy occupations.

Julian Angel Vai is a name with a deep meaning.

Julian is a Latin baby name that means “young.” Angel is a Greek name that means “divine messenger or God’s messenger.”

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