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Maureen Brady

Facts of Maureen Brady

Full Name: Maureen Brady
Gender: Female
Profession: Nurse
Country: USA
DivorceBrian Timmons (ex-husband)
Eye ColorHazel Green
Hair ColorLight brown
Birth PlaceSan Mateo California
EducationFresno State University
FatherTom Brady Sr.
MotherGalynn Patricia Brady
SiblingsNancy Brady, Julia Brady, Tom Brady
KidsTwo Daughters, Maya and Hannah
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Instagram Maureen Brady Instagram
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Tom Brady, an NFL player, is largely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of this generation. But did you know that he thinks Maureen Brady, his oldest sister, is a greater athlete than he is?

It’s not just Tom who thinks Maureen is the Brady brothers’ best player; a lot of other softball fans concur.

Together with his three older sisters, Maureen, Julie, and Nancy, Tom Brady was born and reared in San Mateo, California.

Maureen Brady
Maureen Brady is an ex-softball player and is popularly recognized as Tom Brady’s sister.

Being the youngest, he was constantly overshadowed by his sisters in every manner. But when it came to athletic ability, his oldest sister Maureen stood out.

She was a record-breaking pitcher while playing softball in high school. She kept pitching for them even after she enrolled at Fresno State.

Tom has never shied away from praising his sister’s exceptional athleticism, despite the fact that she didn’t play softball for a very long time.

We shall delve deeper into Maureen’s background as an athlete in this piece. In a similar vein, we shall investigate Tom Brady’s family life. Here are some intriguing fast facts, though, before we get started:

Maureen Brady’s Childhood

Galynn and Tom Brady’s eldest child is Maureen. Midway during the 1970s, on February 6, she was born in San Mateo, California. Although we don’t know her actual birthday, we can assume that she was born in or around 1975.

Galynn and Tom then welcomed Nancy, their second daughter, after Maureen.

Maureen Brady Family
Maureen Brady with her parents, sister, and brother Tom Brady

Nancy Brady is the Brady who receives the least attention from the media. As a result, in contrast to her other siblings, little information about her is available online.

If you’d ever heard of his “twin sister” and were curious about who she was, Julie Brady You might be startled to learn, though, that she is not exactly his twin. Only their precise birthdate is exchanged!

Three years earlier than Tom, on August 3, 1974, Julie was born. Tom jokingly refers to her as his twin sister as a result. They do, however, share a close relationship.

The Brady children were raised in a typical American home with a love of sports.

They didn’t have much money, but they were quite close. Tom Brady Sr. and Gaylenn attempted to expose their kids to music and the fine arts by enrolling them in dancing, piano, and guitar courses, but the kids had other ideas.

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In their youth, all of them participated in athletics.

Tom, Nancy, Julie, and Maureen all participated in every sport imaginable while at school. To cheer on and support their families, they used to attend each other’s sporting events.

In a previous interview, Julie Brady stated that the Brady Children all developed a competitive mentality at a young age. She recalled how fiercely competitive she and her friends formerly were, even over trivial matters like who got to operate the television remote. Previously, water pistols were their go-to combat weapon.

Tom has great memories of how his oldest sister’s athletic prowess during her school years astounded everyone.

He recalls that she would pitch six to seven games in a day and go 7-0 with two no-hitters. It was incredible. Tom recognized that it was a demanding endeavor, adding that “she’d be fatigued, but she was the player who made it happen.”

His sisters had a history of dominating games and getting their names in publications. Tommy, the youngest child, was also referred to as “Maureen Brady’s brother” or “little Brady.” He made a bargain with his sisters because he was sick of living in his sisters’ shadow.

He assured them all that one day he would become well-known and that they would all know him by name. In an interview, Maureen spoke of this occasion with fondness and expressed her pride in her little brother.

A career in softball for Maureen Brady

Maureen mostly participated in softball and soccer. She also attended Hillsdale High School in California where she studied.

Brady earned a soccer letter for two years during this time. She also played softball, earning a letter all four years.

She received CaliHi’s “Junior of the Year” award in 1990. She had 29 no-hitters by the time she retired. In addition, Maureen established a state record with a 111-10 career record, which still ranks among the best in the state and had 14 perfect games.

In softball, she received all-league, all-country, and all-peninsula accolades for four straight years in high school. She was additionally voted the league and team softball MVP in each of those years.

She earned a 2.9 GPA and her high school diploma in 1991.

Maureen participated in the Junior Olympics in 1991. throughout Australia. She saw it as her greatest athletic high. The budding athlete looked up to Joe Montana.


Maureen had a number of prestigious universities waiting to accept her as an athlete student after high school. These included the Pacific, Arizona, and UC Berkeley. She did decide to attend Fresno State University, though.

The outstanding softball program at the university was the primary factor in my decision to attend this institution. They also featured outstanding coaching facilities, including the great Margie Wright. She was a marketing major.

Maureen Brady Softball
Maureen Brady played softball for Fresno State University.

Maureen excelled as an athlete even more while she was a member of the “Fresno Bulldogs.” In 1994, she was an All-American pitcher who even set a record for victories.

She finished her career with a score of 80-31 on 748.

2 innings pitched in a career. The Bulldogs twice made it to the women’s collegiate world series thanks to Mauren.

She won School Athlete of the Year honors during her senior year at FSU.

Her younger siblings, on the other hand, chose the same major as her and played sports for their different colleges. Julie played soccer at St. Mary’s College in California, while Nancy played softball at a university in California.

Tom has always loved baseball, but while in high school and at Michigan State University, he focused on football.

Although Maureen did not play softball for the rest of her life, her legend has endured. She is a well-known collegiate athlete in California. In 1999, San Mateo County honored her for her great achievement by inducting her into their sports hall of fame.

Maureen Brady: Family and personal life.

Maya and Hannah are two of Maureen’s daughters. Together with her ex-husband Brian Timmons, she has them. But Maureen is now a single parent and no longer lives with her children’s father.

The daughters use Brady as their last name.

The household resides in Bakersfield, California. Regarding her most recent relationships, not much is known. Her daughters saw Uncle Tom as a father figure, nevertheless.

For the sake of raising her family, Maureen gave up her sports career. She pursued her huge desire even though she did not chase fame and wealth in the big leagues.

The lovely lady dedicates her time to helping the less fortunate by working as a nurse in a nearby hospital.

She works as a full-time nurse in addition to instructing softball.

Maureen Brady Daughters
Maureen Brady with her Daughters Maya and Hannah Brady

To anyone who enjoys popular culture, the Brady family is well known. Gisele Bundchen, a supermodel, and Tom Brady are two of the most well-known figures in their respective areas.

Despite hailing from a well-known family, Maureen prefers to blend in and avoid the spotlight.

She has a softball player daughter!

It’s interesting to see that her daughters share her love of sports. For her high school, Oaks Christian, which is located in Westlake Village, Maya Brady played softball. She was a finalist for the title of state player of the year in softball.

She enrolled at UCLA after graduating from high school in 2019. As the best mother-daughter team in California high school athletics, Maureen and Maya are well-remembered.

The remainder of the family always finds time to be together, even though Tom can’t always be close by due to his commitments. They are always together, whether it be for the Super Bowl, a laid-back family trip, or Maya’s softball games.

Julie, Tom’s identical sister, later wed a baseball star. In 2012, she shared a tiebreaker with two-time World Series winner Kevin Youkilis.

In 2015, Nancy, the other sister, also got married, and the closest relatives were present.

Maureen Brady: Concerning Brother Brady, Tom

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. was born in San Mateo, California, on August 3, 1977. Tom, the fourth child and youngest, grew up in the shadow of his three beautiful sisters.

Although he has played basketball, baseball, and football since he was a young child, nobody ever dreamed he would become a professional player. But sadly, his sisters snatched all the attention for his athletic prowess.

He received a football scholarship to the University of Michigan, where his senior season saw him contribute to his team’s orange bowl victory. After college, he was, however, not a great potential.

The New England Patriots selected him just in the sixth round of the 2000 NLF draft. Since then, using a combination of talent, intelligence, diligence, and work ethic, he has consistently improved his gameplay.

He is one of the most well-liked football players of the time and has assisted his team in seven Super Bowl victories.

On social media

She enjoys being kept out of the spotlight by Maureen Brady. She hardly ever uses social media. Her daughter and her accomplishments are largely the subjects of her posts. Remember that she prefers to keep the majority of her social media accounts private even if you locate them.

Facebook: Private account

Instagram:  538 followers (private account)


Frequently Asked Questions about Maureen Brady

Who is the niece of Tom Brady?

Maya Brady, a niece of Tom Brady, has carried on her family’s baseball tradition by excelling in college. She is a freshman at UCLA right now.

Does the sister of Tom Brady play baseball?

Yes, Maureen, Tom’s oldest sister, played pitcher for Fresno State University in the 1990s and was an All-American. His other two sisters, on the other hand, also played baseball and soccer.