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Inside CNN Anchor Brianna Keilar’s Second Husband Fernando Lujan’s Married Life

Inside CNN Anchor Brianna Keilar’s Second Husband Fernando Lujan’s Married Life

After splitting up with her first husband, Dave French, Brianna Keilar found love again.

Though moving on from a failed relationship took some time, it was worthwhile because her path crossed with Fernando Lujan, whom she would marry and establish a family with.

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Keilar’s late mother was honored at her second wedding.

In the summer of 2012, Keilar and her now-husband Lujan met at a happy hour near the White House. They ran into each other several times over the next few years and became fast friends.

Keilar attempted to hook Lujan up with her girlfriends because he was unmarried at the time. But he turned them all down. Lujan, in an unexpected change of events, instead asked Keilar out as soon as she was divorced. In November of 2015, the couple went on their first date.

In June 2016, her military boyfriend intended to propose to her. Unbeknownst to Keilar, her mother, Miriam Allen Keilar, was also on board with the scheme, which included a California engagement party.

But, regrettably, Miriam’s engagement came to an end in May 2016 when she died of severe leukemia.

Meanwhile, Keilar was on her way to cover the 2016 presidential election in Kentucky. She flew from California to New Hampshire to Las Vegas to interview Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders, doing her best to deal with the circumstances.

Her mother’s death, she later told People, was the worst and most unexpected thing that happened in 2016.

Her partner proposed to her amid the Independence Day fireworks in July 2016 to help her cope with her bereavement. The couple intended to marry in honor of her mother’s memory, giving much-needed joy to their families and concluding a difficult year in the best way possible.

They married in Las Vegas with 85 guests just six months after being engaged. They organized a three-day party on the first day, with welcome drinks and a tour, a wedding ceremony on the second, and a New Year’s Eve party on the third.

On January 3, 2017, Keilar shared photos from her wedding on Instagram. She said it was emotional and amazing to conclude the year with the indescribable happiness of marrying her fiancé, despite the fact that 2016 gave her the biggest personal tragedy.

Relationship Prior Before This

Keilar was previously married for six years to Dave French. They married in Sedona, Arizona, on May 2, 2009, then divorced in 2015.

Lujan, like Keilar, was in a relationship at the time. While it’s unclear if he was married, he and his former partner have a son named Teddy. Teddy is now the CNN anchor and Lujan.

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Keilar’s family consists of two children.

When Keilar became pregnant in 2018, the Lujan family’s joy became even more. On June 8, 2018, the California university alum and her husband had their first child, a son named Antonio.

Now that they’re married, the pair are raising their two children together, one of which is Lujan’s son from a prior relationship.

While the Canberra native juggles her CNN work and parenting, her husband juggles his military career and his family. He is a member of the Army Special Forces serving in the Afghanistan-Pakistan Hands initiative.