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Felix Verdejo

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Felix Verdejo is a professional who occasionally behaves carelessly while being young and capable.

He is able to control the ring, nevertheless, thanks to his charismatic demeanor. Verdejo presently fights as a lightweight but is best recognized for his Olympic battle from 2012.

Verdejo has even received recognition as the most well-liked boxer from Puerto Rico. He compared Felix “Tito” Trinidad, a famous Puerto Rican boxer, to him.

He fits the description of one of the sport’s most thrilling competitors completely as a young and rising fighter.

Felix Verdejo
Felix Verdejo

“I was a huge fan of boxing the moment I gave it a try. I’m a professional boxer who wants to win the world title. I want to reunite my nation and make my people happy.” – Francis Verdejo

Body Dimensions of Felix Verdejo

Felix Verdejo is a medium-built, athletic man who is 5 feet 9 inches tall (175 cm).

Verdejo apparently started his diet and planned slowly at the beginning of his profession. He kept his weight at 61 kg (135 pounds), and his reach was 72 inches (183 cm).

Verdejo has a brown complexion, curly black short hair, and a beard. His eyes, however, proudly display their brown hue.

Felix Verdejo: Childhood

Félix Verdejo Sánchez, also known as Verdejo, was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on May 19, 1993, with the sun sign of Taurus.

Additionally, he is the son of Madeline Sanchez and has four siblings in total—two brothers and two sisters.

Verdejo’s early years, education, and most of his family history remain unknown as of this writing.

Felix Verdejo, however, is the sole boxer in his family. He began boxing at the age of nine, just to refresh your memory.

Additionally, his account of how he discovered boxing as a child is hilarious. The story claims that Verdejo became interested in baseball when he was a little child.

A different child—apparently a boxer—threw rocks at him in such a situation.

So, Verdejo returned home to protest his father while still feeling innocent. What did his father say, you guess? He urged Felix to practice boxing and sparring! Then everything began.

Felix Verdejo put on his gloves and began working out in the club with Ricky Marquez as his instructor.

Career of Felix Verdejo

Verdejo showed promise as a boxer during his training period and was therefore very near very quickly. After that, in 2010, he won the Pan American Youth Championship.

Verdejo even won the tournament’s best fighter award after winning the gold in Ecuador’s international tournament’s golden belt.

After that, Verdejo won the 2012 American Boxing Olympic Qualification Tournament while still only 18 years old. He defeated his Mexican opponent in the lightweight class to earn a magnificent victory.

Additionally, he competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics, where he lost to Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko. He did, however, triumph over Tunisian Ahmed Mejri and Panamanian José Huertas.

He won gold in both the Americas Olympic Classificatory Tournament and the Cheo Aponte International Tournament in Brazil at the same time.

Felix Verdejo | Work Experience

After taking his baby steps, Verdejo joined Top Rank and established himself as a professional fighter.

Their deal featured a $600,000 bonification when they signed it in October 2012.

In exchange, Verdejo won the 2013 Premios Juventud; as a result, he was chosen as the “Prospect of the Year” by BoxingScene and Top Rank.

Later, at the start of 2014, Verdejo competed against the unbeaten Lauro Alcantar.

In terms of that bout, he was knocked out in barely 21 seconds. With a 16-0 (KO 12-KO) record, he has been voted the 2014 “Prospect of the Year” by

The WBO Latino title

He suffered a hand injury prior to competing for Verdejo’s original title on February 25, and as a result, the match was rescheduled until April 25.

Verdejo prevailed in the fight in Puerto Rico by technical knockout in the fifth round as a result.

Similar to Verdojo, Verdojo made his HBO debut on June 13 at New York City’s Madison Square Garden Theater.

Overall, he won his HBO debut match and first title defense against American Ivan Najera by unanimous decision.

He then defeated two more Brazilians, Josenilson Dos and William Silva (win via unanimous decision).

After that, he fought at the Coliseo Roberto Clemente two months later against the Mexican Jose Luis Rodriguez.

WBO Latino championship
WBO Latino championship

Verdejo withdrew from the match against Daniel Evangelista because of tendinitis (tendon disorder).

Verdejo replaced Rodriguez, who was #3 in the WBO and rose to #2 in the lightweight division.

Even after that, he competed in Martinez vs. Lomachenko, the WBO super featherweight champion bout.

Verdejo defeated Mexican boxer Juan Jose Martinez at the event, and Jose Felix Jr., a lightweight contender, was scheduled to be Verdejo’s opponent.

However, it was said that Felix demanded “four times the money available for Verdejo’s opponent,” which prevented them from making a decision.

Verdejo said through his interpreter that he wants to fight to the best of his ability at the conclusion of the tournament.

Additionally, a fight with WBO champion Terry Flanagan that was scheduled for early November was canceled owing to Flanagan’s motorcycle injuries.

As a result, on February 3, 2017, Verdejo returned to the ring to face Oliver Flores at the Coliseo Roberto Clemente in San Juan.

In the tenth round, there was a unanimous decision to win the match, which was broadcast.

Terry Flanagan vs. Felix Verdejo

The most anticipated match for Felix Verdejo is still to come against Terry Flanagan. Looking back, Bob Arum and Frank Warren were responsible for starting the battle.

Many believed it would take place on September 9, 2017, however it was really scheduled for September 16 at London’s Copper Box Arena.

Verdejo demanded $450,000 after being given a $175,000 offer, plus their travel costs to Flanagan’s native country, which caused the holdup.

Billy Joe Saunders, the middleweight champion, was scheduled to appear on the same card following the agreement.

Felix Verdejo vs. Terry Flanagan
Felix Verdejo vs. Terry Flanagan

All the plans, however, ran afoul when Warren updated the Top Rank through mail on July 17 regarding Flanagan’s leg ailment. The fight was then postponed as a result of medical reports and proof being sent the day after it.

Global Title of Felix Verdejo

Then, instead of facing Antonio Lozada Jr., Felix Verdejo was kept busy with Gilberto Ramrez vs. Jesse Hart in Tucson, Arizona.

Verdejo ultimately suffered an injury and didn’t perform for 13 months, debuting at the Madison Square Garden Theater on March 17, 2018.

Verdejo also fought Lozada for the first time, who handed him his first professional defeat.

Verdejo was away from the ring for eight months following his significant loss before making a comeback on November 10, 2018.

When I was at the top, I felt what it was like to be trampled by the people who had raised me.

The objective now is to have my name appear on that list when it comes to boxing. I have learned to be the greatest at what I do. We press further in our march.
Francis Verdejo

Post Title Loss

He made his comeback at the Mario Quijote Morales Coliseum in Guaynabo, where he first faced Mexican journeyman Yardley Armenta Cruz.

As a result, he claimed victory and went on to face Bryan Vasquez at Madison Square Garden. Similarly to that, he accepted the victory and then, in response to the criticism, sought to get a new trainer.

He then started working with renowned boxing coach Ismael Salas, who had previously worked with Erislandy Lara, Luis Ortiz, and Guillermo Rigondeaux.

He lost control several times while fighting under his new teacher, yet he was able to hasten his victories.

Many detractors claimed he lacked the charm he showed during the 2012 Olympic games.

versus Masayoshi Nakatani is Felix Verdejo.
On December 12, 2020, Verdejo competed against Masayoshi Nakatani of Japan for the WBO Intercontinental Lightweight title.

Despite losing, Verdejo was the first fighter to knock down Nakatani.

As an example, Verdejo knocked out Nakatami twice in the first and fourth rounds while maintaining the same stance.

Nakatani, on the other hand, escaped unharmed; as a result, both displayed solid landing shots.

Felix Verdejo vs Masayoshi Nakatani
Felix Verdejo vs Masayoshi Nakatani

Verdejo was ultimately knocked out by Nakatamin in the ninth round, giving him the TKO victory.

Will Madera vs. Felix Verdejo

On July 16, 2020, at the MGM “Bubble” in Las Vegas, Felix Verdejo and Will Madera engaged in the most recent match following the COVID-19 breakout.

Verdejo delivered the first right uppercut off the fight, which was followed by another.

After 2 minutes and 59 seconds of the first round, the match came to a close with Verdejo winning.

“Be prepared because Felix Verdejo is returning. I’m prepared to compete with the finest.” – Francis Verdejo

Felix Verdejo: Career Highlights and Success

Verdejo’s unusual moniker, El Diamante (“The Diamond”), is well-suited to him, as we all know.

“El Diamante was the name of the gym I was working out. The first person to call me that was a man from a boxing website here in Puerto Rico.
Francis Verdejo

Aside from that, Verdejo has a distinguished career and a long list of accomplishments.

  • Ecuador’s International Tournament (gold)
  • Cheo Aponte International Tournament (gold)
  • Americas Olympic Classificatory Tournament (gold)
  • 2013 Premios Lo Nuestro (New Hispanic Promise)
  • 2012 American Boxing Olympic Qualification Tournament (Lightweight winner)
  • Panamerican Youth Champion

Fight Record & Stats

His career statistics are also shown in the table below.

Total fights Wins (27) Loss (2)
Knockout Decision Knockout Decision
29 17 10 2 0

Felix Verdejo: Salary

According to the source, Felix Verdejo is thought to be worth $30 million. Yes, the professional boxer is extremely wealthy and lives a lavish lifestyle.

Motorcycle Accident | Felix Verdejo

On On a San Juan roadway, Felix Verdejo lost control of his dirt bike, causing it to crash.

Thanks to the full helmet protection, he only sustained minor injuries to his arms, legs, forehead, face, and other body parts.

He was treated for head trauma and lacerations to the face, head, and entire left arm after being admitted to the hospital as a result of his mishap.

Motorcycle accident
Motorcycle accident

“All in all, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. I’m not flawless. I’ll continue to develop personally, and right now I’m even more dedicated to my profession and my people.
Francis Verdejo

Felix Verdejo | Disputations

On April 30, 2021, the 29-year-old was accused of kidnapping and killing his pregnant lover.

A 27-year-old pregnant lady who was carrying Verdejo’s child was found dead, according to the criminal complaint that was submitted to the federal court.

Following that, the boxer was accused of various crimes, including murderous kidnapping, carjacking, and the murder of an unborn child.

Later, he was surrounded by police and even made an appearance in court.

Felix Verdejo | Personal

Verdejo is a reclusive individual who values the light in his life. Given that there aren’t any rumors, controversies, or press scandals involving him, many of you may be curious about his personal life.

Felix Verdejo is a married man, and he and his spouse currently have a lovely daughter named Miranda.

Felix with his Daughter
Felix with his Daughter

Verdejo hasn’t revealed much about his wife, but he never misses an opportunity to show his affection for her and to include references to her in his uploads.

“I’m working hard to win, and I won’t let my daughter’s food be stolen from her plate. At 135 pounds, I’ll get a major victory before pursuing those world titles. Once more, there is that yearning and hunger. The arrival of my daughter once more altered me. I am aware of my top priorities.” – Francis Verdejo

As a result, you can check his social media sites to learn more about the pair.

Instagram handle @diamanteverdejo
Twitter handle @Diamante Verdejo

Watch Felix’s interview on Youtube.

FAQs | Felix Verdejo

Who is Felix Verdejo’s hero?

Felix Trinidad, whom he refers to as “The future Tito Trinidad,” is revered by Felix Verdejo.

How does Felix Verdejo typically train?

Regular training for Felix Verdejo begins with morning workouts on the road or on the track and afternoon workouts in the gym.

What other activities does Felix Verdejo enjoy?

Felix Verdejo is a devout Christian who enjoys baseball. As a result, he makes several church trips.

Verdejo’s residence is where?

Verdejo has been a resident of San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital, since 2022. He has a magnificent home and a lavish lifestyle.