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Amanda Stanton

Facts of Amanda Stanton

Full Name: Amanda Stanton
Birth Date: April 9, 1990
Age: 34 years
Gender: Female
Profession: Actress
Horoscope: Aries
HusbandNick Buonfiglio (m. 2012–2015)
EducationPaul Mitchell Esthetician School
SiblingsCarissa Stanton
KidsKinsley Buonfiglio, Charlie Buonfiglio
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Amanda Stanton is an American actress best known for her roles in The Bachelor season 20 and Bachelor in Paradise season 3. Kissing Strangers (2010) and Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh are two of her other acting credits (2008). Amanda is also renowned for being the ex-fiancée of Josh Murray, a Bachelor alum.

Her Strings of Lovers; Two Children with Her Ex-Husband

On October 11, 2012, she married Nick Buonfiglio for the first time. For three years, the reality star and her ex-husband enjoyed a happy family life together until she divorced him in June 2015. The previous couple has two gorgeous children. Kinsley was born in 2012, while Charlie was born in 2014. They’ve also been seen on The Bachelor.

Despite the fact that they no longer live together, they share half custody of their two lovely girls.
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In 2007, Amanda was dating Mamma Mia co-star Dominic Cooper. Amanda, who is also famous on Instagram, initially mistook him for a gay man due to his fashion sense, but she soon found a place in his heart. They split up after a three-year relationship and went their separate ways in life.

After filming for three weeks, the American actress got engaged to Josh Murray on an episode of Bachelor in Paradise season 3 in 2016. On the beach in Puerto Vallarta, he proposed to her with a $85,000 diamond engagement ring. She was unable to withstand the tragedy of fate and divorced him in December 2016. Josh also phoned the cops on Amanda, accusing her of owing him $30,00 in expenditures, which Amanda described as a “Setup” by Josh. Robby Hayes was quickly linked to her.

According to E-News, she may have discovered love with Robby while on Bachelors in Paradise. She did, however, tell him that she was open to him as a friend and that she had no grudges against him. She also stated that she was at a stage where she was fine and that she did not want to get into any awkward situations with anyone. As a result, she wished to make friends with Robby.

In August 2017, her ex fiancé told US Weekly that their relationship was toxic and unpleasant for him since there was so much negativity and deceit in it. He expressed his delight at her newfound affection. Josh went on to say that he is now meeting new people and that meeting decent and honest people has given him the feeling that he can love again.

She’s dating a volleyball player and takes exotic photos with him.

Since March 2018, Amanda has been enjoying the benefits of romantic life with her newfound love, Bobby Jacobs, 32. On social media, the pair became acquainted with one another. Her partner is a professional volleyball player from California who competed in the 2017 AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour League.

According to reports, The Bachelor in Paradise star is not prematurely moving forward with her newfound love. The duo has been seen on social media expressing their love life. She remarked that having a boyfriend who is 6′ 7″ tall is useful for fantastic views at concerts, but she complains about uncomfortable photographs in one of her Instagram posts from July 8, 2018.

The reality star took a trip to the Bermuda Triangle for a vacation. On July 22, 2018, she posted an Instagram photo with Bobby Jacobs in which she appeared dwarfed by her boyfriend’s tall height.

On August 1, 2018, the pair went on a date with her kids at Sky Zone Anaheim. ‘A lot of love,’ she captioned their group photo on Instagram. The lovebirds are undeniably having a good time.

Amanda has been charged with domestic violence.

Amanda, the star of Bachelors in Paradise, was charged with domestic violence. She was detained in September 2018 as a result of the event. On September 10th, she was at The Encore Hotel in Las Vegas with her boyfriend, Bobby Jacobs.

They had a disagreement during their stay, which the hotel security reported to the police. Amanda, 28, apologized to hotel security and the Las Vegas Police Department after the pair was transported to the police station.

Bobby later stated that their squabble was not life-threatening, and that the shove was not intended to harm him.

Bobby Jacobs Is Creating Space; He’s Being Targeted By Hackers

Amanda and Bobby Jacobs, who have had their romantic ups and downs, have revealed their intention to take some time apart. Despite the fact that the couple is still in love, some wiki sources claim that Bobby is no longer living with them at their joint home.

Amanda remarked that Bobby is the man she wants to marry and start a family with. She admitted that she bailed on him when they initially started dating because dating was not a priority for her after her two unsuccessful relationships. Bobby appealed to her due of his lovely and sincere attitude, she noted. She even hinted that she and Bobby would exchange wedding vows and have another child together.

Amanda has recently been under a lot of stress as a result of web hacking monsters. Hackers grabbed her topless photos and shared them with the world, according to reports. She revealed on Instagram that she was suffering from severe anxiety and stress in an emotional message. She also asked her fans to prevent hackers from sharing her personal images.

Amanda, who reported the event to the police, indicated that she is unaware of any residual information that the hackers may have.

Amanda’s net worth is derived in a variety of ways.

Amanda Stanton, 28, has made a significant portion of her net worth via her acting career. In films such as Kissing Stranger and Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh, she has played leading roles. In 2006, she also starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie Cheetah Girls 2.

She appeared in a number of minor roles in films such as Kissing Stranger, Jack’s Family Adventure, Mostly Ghostly, and others. Her characters had a far greater impact on the directors than they did on the audience. She rose to fame fast as a result of her immaculate performance and was cast in the television show The Bachelor.

Amanda Stanton made a lot of money through her reality television show. According to Insider, the stars of Bachelor in Paradise reportedly get $100,000 per episode. Similarly, Amanda, a Bachelor alum, has a lot of fame, which allows her to make more money than the normal person.

The social media profiles of the American actress have also contributed to her earnings. She is a blogger that focuses on fashion and leisure. She is one of the most popular Instagram influencers, with over 1.2 million followers. Amanda earns around $20,000 per month, according to On her account, she also fulfills the work of endorsing numerous firms and their items.

Bobby and I parted ways

Amanda Stanton, the Bachelor Nations’ star, split from her partner, Bobby Jacobs, in July 2019 after a year of dating. Jacob acknowledged his breakup with Amanda with a photo posted on his private Instagram account in late July 2019. In a photo of him holding one of Amanda’s children, he wrote, “I love them too, and that’s why I’ll still be apart of there lives no matter what.”

Furthermore, he refuted allegations that their breakup was caused by Amanda’s phone being hacked.

Amanda expressed her amazement at the breakup, claiming that they had only recently moved in together. She also revealed that Bobby had told her that he wanted a distance, which she found odd.

Amanda is currently enjoying her single life, free of any remnants of her previous love interests.

Prior to it, in September 2018, the couple was involved in domestic violence. Amanda was jailed in Las Vegas for assaulting her fiance at a bachelorette party. She then apologized for the obnoxious behavior she displayed at the gathering.

Have you found a new love?

Amanda was surrounded by yet another rumor—she had allegedly discovered a new love!

Brendan Fitzpatrick, from “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” is rumored to be her boyfriend. Amanda and Brendan were spotted eating lunch and holding hands at The Ivy in Los Angeles, according to TMZ. Brendan’s rumored connection comes just months after his divorce from Morgan Stewart.

Similarly, Amanda is moving on with her life following her breakup with ex-boyfriend Bobby Jacobs. Amanda and Brendan were expected to have a tight relationship.

When questioned if she is presently dating Brendan, Amanda stated that she is single and that Brendan is not her type. She was, however, said to have gone on a date with an unknown male. The man’s identity was kept a secret.

So far, it appears that Amanda is single and looking to mingle.

Biography of Amanda Stanton

Amanda Stanton was born Amanda Dahan Stanton on April 9, 1990, in Mission Viejo, California, United States. According to wiki, she is of white ethnicity and maintains an American nationality. With a height of 1.59 m (5′ 212″), she has maintained a charismatic physique. In February 2018, Amanda got breast implant surgery in Beverly Hills. Her breasts were implanted with 250cc soft-touch silicone implants.