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Zonnique Pullins is Dating Rapper Boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy. Funny Pregnancy Story of Tiny’s Daughter

Zonnique Pullins is Dating Rapper Boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy. Funny Pregnancy Story of Tiny’s Daughter

Tiny Harris, an American singer, and songwriter has given birth to four children as a result of her multiple partnerships throughout the years. She has a daughter named Zonnique Jailee Pullins from her previous relationship with Zonnie Pullins, in addition to her three children, two sons, and a daughter, with husband T.I. And it appears that her daughter, Zonnique Pullins, has found love with her rapper boyfriend, Bandhunta Izzy.

Zonnique has a history of dating well-known guys, having previously dated NBA star, Damian Swann. The two began dating in early 2017, but it appears that their romance didn’t last long, as it was over by the beginning of 2018. Her love life, however, appears to be back on track now that she is in love with her lover Bandhunta Izzy.

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Bandhunta Izzy’s Dating Life: Zonnique and Boyfriend

Bandhunta and Zonnique have been linked since Bandhuta shared a cute video of him playing golf with Zonnique on Instagram in 2018. The video was quite endearing, and it revealed that the two were dating. It’s unclear when they started dating because both of them have been very discreet about their relationship, but it appears that they began dating in 2018.

Bandhunta, Zonnique Pullins’ boyfriend, is an extremely skilled American rapper from Baltimore who is well known for his popular song “In Love Wit da Trap.” On his YouTube account, the rapper has over 94.1k subscribers.

He is frequently seen singing with his brother, Bandhunta Jugg, and has a CD called “Code Blue.” He is on track to accomplish great things in the future. He has also established a strong platform, having over 610k Instagram followers.

The adorable couple is still head over heels in love. Their love for each other remains as fresh as it was when they first met. Zonnique, Tiny’s daughter, enjoys sharing images of herself with her other half on Instagram. The teenage model and reality TV personality revealed that they had moved in together and that their relationship is quite serious.

They have not, however, progressed to the next and final stage of their relationship, marriage. Perhaps they’re both taking their time before committing to such a long-term relationship. Fans are also looking forward to the couple’s wedding in the coming years.

Zonnique, Tiny’s daughter, and her amusing pregnancy story

While Zonnique has kept her connection with Bandhunta a secret, she did manage to amuse everyone on social media by faking significant news. She revealed her pregnancy on social media, which sent her followers into a frenzy. Her mother, no doubt, was taken aback by the news.

Tiny Harris, Zonnique’s mother, has a daughter named Heiress Diana Harris and two boys with rapper T.I., Major Philant Harris and Clifford Joseph Harris III. Leyah Amore Harris, their stillborn daughter, was their only child.

Tiny’s daughter, Zonnique, deceived her followers by disclosing that she had already given birth to a baby, and it was none other than her cat, Whiskey after they kept bugging her about her pregnancy. She went on to say that she needed someone to babysit the cat.

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