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actress, comedian, vocalist, composer, and host

Zena Foster

Facts of Zena Foster

Full Name: Zena Foster
Gender: Female
Profession: actress, comedian, vocalist, composer, and host
Ethnicitymixed heritage
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Zena Foster is an actress, comedian, vocalist, composer, and host best known for her roles in Country Cuzzins, The Corpse Grinders, and The Bad Man. She has also modeled for a number of well-known beauty advertisements and has served as a brand ambassador for a number of companies, including Dr. Sharp.

The 40-year-old celebrity has been imparting her ability in many sectors and capturing the hearts of audiences from a young age. Her bio, on the other hand, describes her as the wife of black singer Tank.

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Facts, Wiki, and Birthday(Age)

Zena was born in 1978 and is known for her fascinating acting roles in films such as The Corpse Grinder, The Bad Man, and others. She is from St. Louis, Missouri, and every year on October 2nd, she blows out her birthday candle. She is an American citizen.

Zina’s early life is unknown, including her high school and education level, save from the fact that her mother was a hairstylist and owned a hair salon where she spent the majority of her childhood.

Zena has been an active and outgoing person since she was a toddler. The most startling thing about her is that she began performing in public at the age of five.

Ethnicity and Parents

Zena made headlines in December 2018 when she was featured in the Black Bride Magazine despite the fact that she is white. For being on the cover of the Black Bride magazine, which was supposed to feature only black brides, she was publicly discriminated against and chastised.

Zena, enraged by the controversy, went on to discuss her race, recounting her multiracial parentage. Her mother is white, while her father is black. As a result, she is of mixed heritage and is half-black.

Juanita Foster, her mother, is currently 71 years old and celebrates her birthday in September. When it comes to her father, she chooses to refer to him as ‘Big Bobby,’ even though he is no longer alive.

Estimated Net Worth

Zena’s net worth must be in the millions because she has many jobs.

Her annual salary is estimated to be roughly $132,835 based on the typical compensation for a modeling career in the United States. Aside from that, she makes a good living as an actor, vocalist, and television host. Not to mention, her primary source of revenue is her own nail polish line, The Zina Foster Nail Lacquer Collection with Colour Gossip.

Unfortunately, her net worth is not known to the general public, but given her diverse personality, it is likely to be in the thousands of dollars, if not millions.

Zena, on the other hand, is likely to have shared her husband’s wealth and income, as he is thought to be worth around $5 million.

Zena’s Wedding and Her Children

Zena married her long-time boyfriend Durrell Babbs on July 22, 2018, in Los Angeles, following a year of engagement. In the year 2000, they met for the first time after 19 years apart. Durrell is most known as a black singer for his tracks Maybe I Deserve, Please Don’t Go, and When We.

Their wedding was like something out of a fairytale. Zena looked like a princess in a lace J’Aton Couture gown from Lovella Bridal, while the rapper, who stands at 5′ 9″, wore a Grayscale & DLeak tuxedo with a bow tie.

The couple is overjoyed since they have two children, Zoe (born on December 27, 2007) and Zien (born on New Year’s Day 2015 in Los Angeles).

However, Zena and her husband’s marriage was once tested when the couple split for a time following the birth of their first child, but they soon reconciled under the guise of raising their child.

Prior to Durrell, Zena was linked to rapper Lil Wayne.