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Zara Larsson’s Relationship with Her Dancer Boyfriend

Zara Larsson’s Relationship with Her Dancer Boyfriend

Zara Larsson, a Swedish pop phenomenon, rose to prominence with chart-topping R&B and dance-pop tracks inspired by Beyoncé and Rihanna.

Larsson broke into the mainstream in 2017 with her international debut album So Good, after winning a Swedish singing competition at the age of eight.

‘Lush Life,’ ‘Don’t Let Me Be Yours,’ and ‘Never Forget You’ were among the album’s many Swedish hits. Those songs were certified multi-platinum across the world, and they exposed fans to a songwriter who understood the agony of fleeting adolescent love. Larsson is currently in love, despite having previously had her heartbroken.

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Zara Larsson’s boyfriend wooed her with dance moves.

Larsson was dating American-Swedish dancer Lamin Holmén when the Daily Mail published it earlier this year, and she couldn’t help but sing about it on her new album.

The singer had previously told the publication that she was in a relationship.

Larsson went on to say that she wanted her relationship to remain private because she had previously been in a public relationship. She also understood that as she grew older, she didn’t want her life to be a spectacle for others.

However, while promoting her new album, Poster Girl, the singer couldn’t help but gush about her new beau. She explained that the album was incredibly romantic because she is obsessed with writing about love and was also influenced by her relationship with Holmén.

Her partner also appeared in the music video for the track “Talk About Love” as a dancer. Larsson added that she wanted it to feel private and intense, and doing it with her boyfriend felt natural given their relationship.

The duo has been together for about two years, and she opened up about her new relationship in the album.

Previous Relationships of Zara Larsson

Larsson’s current relationship began after she ended her two-year relationship with long-term lover Brian Whittaker in 2019. Twitter brought the two together.

The singer was said to be “heartbroken” over the breakup, and Whittaker was upset as well, but the relationship had unfortunately come to an end. Larsson did not honor Whittaker’s 20th birthday, and the two unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Larsson did not directly address her breakup, but she hinted at it by sharing a meme with the caption: “When your heart is broken but it’s OK because the street has been waiting for you to be single again.”

She also made her feelings known when she wore a dress with a heart pierced by a large arrow at the MTV Video Music Awards.