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YouTuber CJ So Cool’s Partner Royalty Johnson and Baby Mama in a Rocky Relationship

YouTuber CJ So Cool’s Partner Royalty Johnson and Baby Mama in a Rocky Relationship

CJ So Cool’s wife, Royalty Johnson, and his baby mama, NiKee Lewis, don’t get along. Many of CJ’s fans have accused Royalty Johnson, a social media celebrity herself, of being a gold digger throughout the years.

CJ So Cool is a YouTube sensation with a net worth of $3 million dollars. He is married to Charlene “Royalty” Johnson, whom he has known for a long time. CJ So Cool and Royalty have twins named Cordero Jr. and Cordayah as a result of their relationship. Leonidas, Karnation, and J’aaliyah were Royalty’s children from a prior relationship.

Camari, a daughter of CJ So Cool and NiKee, is the other. Let’s take a look at CJ So Cool’s tumultuous connection with his baby mama.

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CJ So Cool’s Wife and Baby Mama’s tumultuous relationship

The connection between Royalty and NiKee has not been great in recent years. NiKee Lewis, CJ So Cool’s baby mama, went live on Facebook a few months ago and bashed both CJ So Cool and his wife, Royalty. NiKee claims that her baby father, Cordero James Brady, aka CJ So Cool, has also blocked her on Facebook.

Not only that, but the two ladies insulted each other live on Instagram. They most likely despise one other and can’t stand each other.

CJ’s decision to place NiKee on a blocklist seems to be motivated by Royalty’s fears. NiKee discovered she was on the blocklist after her daughter, Camari, went to spend the summer with her father and couldn’t reach her.

There was nothing wrong with CJ So Cool and his ex-girlfriend NiKee before then. NiKee also accuses CJ So Cool of lying in the video.

Royalty Johnson, CJ So Cool’s wife, and Baby Mama NiKee Lewis had a tumultuous relationship. Royalty’s Instagram and NiKee’s Instagram are the sources for these photos.

NiKee, CJ So Cool’s estranged partner, also stated that she raised their daughter Camari until she was five years old. CJ had not been paying her child support until that point.

CJ Johnson is content with his wife, Royalty Johnson.

CJ and Royalty, the married pair, are ecstatic with their life together. When you look at CJ’s Instagram profile, you’ll notice that he frequently posts images of himself with his beautiful wife and children.

However, the YouTuber appears to be separated from his baby mama. Despite this, NiKee always allows CJ to see his daughter Camari because she knows they get along. Let’s hope that whatever is going on between NiKee Lewis and Royalty Johnson gets resolved quickly.

Arrested CJ So Cool

When CJ So Cool was jailed, he told his daughter, Camari, to lie and say she despises her mother NiKee so CJ’s wife, Royalty, could take her away from the “Child Protective Services.”

NiKee was likewise enraged by that portion. As far as NiKee was concerned, CJ was a bad father. Many fans mistook him for his companion. The main reason for this was because of royalty.

In addition, CJ’s communications in the past revealed that he was cheating on his beau, Royalty. However, based on their appearance, everything appears to be in good working order at the time.

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