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Wranglerstar talks about how divorce would inevitably affect children.

Wranglerstar talks about how divorce would inevitably affect children.

Children’s concerns during parent-child divorce are discussed in The Power of Divorce.

The American social media sensation Wranglerstar has amassed over 75K Facebook fans, over 52K Instagram followers, and a channel on YouTube with the same name. After he published the documentary The Power of Divorce on July 2, 2016, about the challenges kids experience when their parent’s divorce, he gained notoriety.

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The Power Of Divorce: What Is It?

The idea for the YouTube video “The Power Of Divorce” came from a comment that Cody (Wranglerstar’s real name) received from a Canadian subscriber named Jesse. He claims that because of the tension between his parents when he was a child, he was unable to learn things like Cody. He goes on to argue that it’s like starting life with a deficit when a child witnesses their parents getting divorced.

Children who experience parental divorce must learn things on their own, as Jesse did when a tire blew out on a busy highway. He had to learn to alter these things on his own because his father never instructed him how to respond to them. There is no one to offer career advice to children whose parents have divorced. These children are expected to learn a lot of things.

After the divorce, according to Cody, the desire to understand and improve circumstances as well as the readiness to avoid making the same mistakes as our parents are what matter most. While some of us struggle more than others, everyone has the option to either follow the same path, repeat their mistakes, or make different choices. That is the greatest thing a man could hope for.

Jesse thought he started after everyone else.

Raindance Bushcraft is a YouTube channel run by Jesse. When Jesse was a little child, his parents divorced, and his family disintegrated. When his father passed away, Jesse realized that many of the teachings he was supposed to learn from him were beyond his comprehension. He feels lost now that he is a family man because he began out at a disadvantage—behind everyone.

In The Power Of Divorce, when Jesse manages a household, he claims that he would never put any pressure on his 4-year-old daughter to learn anything. He claimed he is working to make her aware of everything, but to do so, he must first understand everything.

A Real-Life Star Is Wranglerstar

Cody, better known online as Wranglerstar, is his true name. He rose to fame after deciding to give up the industrialized way of life and settle in a simple homestead in the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Jack, Sweetloaf, and Mrs. Wranglerstar, his wife, all reside with him.

On his channel, you can watch videos of his daily activities as well as his family’s vacations. Cody began filming contemporary homesteading ten years ago, and today they produce multiple movies virtually every day. Since its launch in 2010, the “Wranglerstar” YouTube channel has amassed 1.63 million subscribers.

Apart from that, WRANGLERSTAR and his family are content with their lives.