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With Wife, Lucas Congdon Struggles To Find Work-Life Balance

With Wife, Lucas Congdon Struggles To Find Work-Life Balance

Lucas Congdon’s hands are busy as one of the world’s most sought-after landscape maestros, which has led to an ongoing effort to strike a suitable work-life balance. The award-winning landscape designer is always busy working on backyards and pools. When you add in the stress of operating the reality TV show Lucas Lagoons, it’s no surprise that the exterior designer has trouble finding time for his family.

However, Lucas seemed to have discovered the ideal solution to the problem. Do you want to know what it is?

The expert builder, on the other hand, brings the entire family along for the adventure. The reality star has managed to strike the appropriate balance between work and personal life with the help of his potter wife, skilled stonemason mother, and skillful mechanic father-in-law.

Lucas Is Struggling To Find A Balance Between Work And Life

Congdon is always hard at work, as seen in the show Lucas Lagoons, attention to the task at hand without taking a break.

The Lucas Lagoons creator has constructed several amazing showpieces throughout the show’s run, from transforming dreary backyards into tropical retreats to building pools with flowing waterfalls.

All of these spectacular feats must be accomplished with numerous clients in multiple locations – all on a tight timetable, which can disrupt personal plans with family and friends.

In an interview with Sarasota Magazine, the brilliant pool designer discussed rushing through breakfast with family due to a hectic schedule.

Lucas, on the other hand, takes care to prepare breakfast for his wife and two small sons before leaving to begin the show, but only has around half an hour to do so. Similarly, the TV personality is usually either on the phone making deals or behind the wheel driving somewhere.

Because of the reality show’s restrictions, a single cameraman follows him about and records everything he does. At the same time, other members of the crew and producers stop by at important times during the day.

Overall, the landscaper begins work at 8:00 a.m. and concludes at 6:00 p.m., after which it is time to spend with family.

The family lives on a two-and-a-half-acre property that the landscaper transformed into a lush Eden complete with a vast pond, pool, waterfalls, and children’s play equipment.

However, Lucas’ time with his family is insufficient, and he admitted to the magazine that he struggles to strike the perfect balance between family and work.

Galen, Lucas’s wife, is a potter, a blogger, and a beauty addict.

Galen Congdon, Lucas Congdon’s wife, can be seen on the show doing housekeeping and caring for her two sons, but she is more than a housewife. Galen, like his gifted husband, has a natural talent for the arts.

Mrs. Congdon works part-time as a potter and maintains a ceramics blog. Little Fire Pottery, a tiny commercial venture that sells hand-made pottery and personalized dishes, is run by the self-proclaimed “beauty obsessive.”

The shop’s Instagram profile, which is full of stunning ideas and artwork, also features the creative wife’s hand-made masterpieces.

Despite her talent as an artist, the potter first and foremost identify as a mother, according to her Twitter bio. Aside from that, the mother of two is also assisting Lucas Lagoons with his work.

Lucas Brings His Family Into The Business:

Jane “Woman” Werley, Lucas’ mother, is also a key member of the Lucas Lagoons Inc. workforce. She lived in Vermont with Senior Congdon at first but later relocated to Sarasota to work with her son.

Jane is a master stonemason who is credited for inspiring Lucas’s interest in gardening and outdoor design.

Galen, the award-winning maker’s wife, occasionally joins him on the job. She surely contributes great thoughts and experience on the clay molding parts of the landscaping work because she is a potter. As Vice President of Lucas Lagoons Inc., the wonderful partner gives expertise and makes judgments.

In addition, the landscaper’s father-in-law Alain is a key figure in the company as the go-to mechanic. Alain worked as an airplane mechanic before joining the company and now looks after all of the equipment. As if that weren’t enough, the father-in-law also babysits when neither the daughter nor the son-in-law is available.

Lucas appears to have it all. A decent family with whom the external artist has not just relations but also a commercial desire. We have no idea what he’s whining about!