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Winter Blanco Declares Herself Fully Black Following Racist Assaults

Winter Blanco Declares Herself Fully Black Following Racist Assaults

Winter Blanco, also known as Kaila Wilkey, is a social media influencer, rapper, and reality personality.

She is most recognized for her role on the NBC reality show Bad Girls Club, which debuted in September 2006. She became popular after multiple altercations with fellow cast members on the show. She also leveraged her celebrity to develop her musical career, as do other reality stars.

She was a member of the hip-hop group White Girl Mob before moving to YouTube to create fashion and lifestyle videos.

Her parents are from various cultures and countries. She is multiracial in terms of ethnicity. Her father is a Trinidadian who was born in the United Kingdom, and her mother is an American. Despite the fact that she is mixed, she suddenly declared herself “totally black” on Twitter.

Controversy regarding Winter Blanco’s Race

Blanco called out Twitter user Kaila Milkey on October 27 for purposefully misquoting her and requesting assistance because she had a phony page.

Blanco was chastised by the user for claiming to be “black” when she was actually “white.” She had manipulated a portion from Blanco’s Bad Girls Club audition tape to make it appear as if Blanco was faking to be part African American just because she was “raised in the hood.”

Blanco clarified that the video had been modified in another tweet. She later tweeted that she was no longer biracial and that she was now “totally black.”

With a photo upload and a strongly written statement, she justified her tweet on Instagram. She claimed that manipulated video excerpts of her were being used to purposefully misrepresent her.

Blanco went on to say that she never claimed to be biracial simply because she was “from the hood,” but rather because she was. She went on to say that she had never tried to “appear any blacker” and that she felt at ease in her own skin.

‘Mixed Girl Problems,’ by Winter Blanco

Blanco had to explain what she meant in the audition clip for the second time.

She made a YouTube video in 2017 describing the difficulties she had as a mixed girl. Blanco revealed that she was asked about her race throughout the reality show casting process. She claimed to have grown up in the hood, but she was told she wasn’t black.

However, it was then modified to sound like, “I was reared in the hood, thus I believe I am black.” She emphasized that what she meant by the initial statement was that everyone had told her she was “not black” when she was growing up in the hood and being as light as she was.

It was difficult for her because she was already dealing with an identity problem as a result of her differences from her family. To top it off, she received backlash from others who called her a “fake.”

She then finished the video in the hopes that it will clear up any misunderstandings.