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Why Doesn’t Domhnall Gleeson Want to Talk About His Girlfriend?

Why Doesn’t Domhnall Gleeson Want to Talk About His Girlfriend?

Domhnall Gleeson has risen to fame as a result of his years of hard work in the acting industry. At the start of his career, the son of legendary Irish actor Brendan Gleeson dabbled with Irish TV and film.

He made his Hollywood debut as Bill Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Parts 1 and 2 in 2010.

He soon found himself in critically praised films including Ex Machina, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Brooklyn, and the Peter Rabbit film trilogy.

In the Emmy-winning film The Revenant, Gleeson played Captain Andrew Henry. Overall, the 38-year-old has had no shortage of career-defining assignments.

Despite his celebrity, he prefers to keep his personal life private, avoiding social media and publicity. However, there have been reports that he is seeing Juliette Bonass, an Irish film producer.

Is Domhnall Gleeson’s girlfriend Juliette Bonass?

The internet rarely reports on Gleeson’s dating life. But, once it occurs, it’ll be with Bonass, his long-rumored girlfriend. Gleeson and Bonass met at the Dublin Institute of Technology and collaborated on a number of projects, which sparked speculations of a romance.

At the 60th Annual Tony Awards on June 11, 2006, the multi-talented actor was seen laying a kiss on Bonass’ cheek.

Then, in 2015, during an interview with Independent, he said something like this.

ie, the film producer waxed lyrical about her work with Gleeson. She admitted that they were good friends and that she had collaborated with him on comedy routines, short films, and even charity.

Bonass also noted how successful he had become, and how happy she was for him. She then recalled how, by the time they were in their fourth year of university, he had already established himself as an actor.

Bonass praised Gleeson as a dedicated worker who deserved all of his success without hesitation. On May 27, 2016, a year after the interview, the two were spotted having fun at Disneyland.

Despite several public appearances and fans’ claims that they are dating, Gleeson and his claimed girlfriend have never responded to the rumors. Nonetheless, the Dublin native has explained why he wishes his personal life to be kept private.

Domhnall Gleeson discusses his personal dating life.

In an April 2020 interview with the Washington Post, the Ex Machina actor was open about his thoughts on partnerships.

Despite his notoriety, the actor admitted that he found it unusual that people were interested in his personal life. “I also find it odd that I’m rather defensive about it,” he continued.

Following the comment, Gleeson explained why he prefers to keep his girlfriends and dating status private.

He despised the idea of somebody being defined by someone else, in his own words.

He explained that it occurs when one partner is well-known and the other is not.

He joked, “Some things are precious,” before pondering why people would reveal details about their personal lives. So, whether Gleeson is dating Bonass or deciding to marry a woman, we may never know.