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Why Did Jules LeBlanc Change His Name to Annie? The Real Reason for Her Name Change

Why Did Jules LeBlanc Change His Name to Annie? The Real Reason for Her Name Change

Jules LeBlanc was previously known as Annie Grace or Annie LeBlanc on social media until late 2020 when she switched to her current moniker.

Jules is technically not a new moniker for the internet star, but it is an ancient one.

Juliana Grace was her full name, according to Hollywire.

Jules revealed her thought process behind her decision in an IGTV Q&A video with Jayden Bartels.

In an IGTV Q&A, Jules broke the news.

The video in the issue began with the YouTuber introducing the two as Jules and Jayde, which was also reflected in the caption.

Jules, on the other hand, drew back almost immediately after introducing herself, telling followers she wasn’t sure if she should go by that name. The teenager was, admittedly, a little frightened by the prospect.

In the video, Jules asked supporters if they thought she should go forward with the name change and stated that she has requested that Instagram alter her name to Jules LeBlanc.

Because her social media accounts had already been confirmed by Instagram, it appears that altering her handle was more difficult than it would be for the normal person.

Her previous name had always bothered her.

Her stage name was Annie Grace at the time, but she was seeking to change it to Jules or Juliana Grace. She hadn’t quite made up her mind yet.

In retrospect, it’s clear that she chose the first option.

Jules also admitted that many of her admirers were familiar with her now-former name because it was given to her by her brother, Caleb, who is also a renowned YouTuber.

She had, however, decided to discard that moniker because she had never liked it in the first place.

Jayde agreed with Jules’ decision and believes that fans should do the same.

Jules LeBlanc: Who Is He?

Jules is a former gymnast turned YouTuber who has amassed a sizable following across social media channels.

The adolescent also has a singing and acting career. Her Chicken Girls franchise, based in the Brat universe, is her most well-known work.

Jules rose to fame after her parents, who are also passionate vloggers, began posting videos of her on the internet when she was still a toddler.

In addition, she is not the only celebrity in the LeBlanc clan. Hayley and Caleb, two of her siblings, are enormous YouTube stars, with a family channel with over 7 million subscribers.

Jules began practicing as a gymnast when she was two years old and had a strong passion for the sport.

According to The List, she was a level 9 gymnast who might have competed at the “elite” level if she had completed level 10. She would have been able to compete in the Olympic Trials or other professional events if she had qualified.

Jules, on the other hand, told Hollywire that she disliked the competitive part of the sport.

She stated she preferred the exercise because she had a habit of allowing the pressure to get to her and stressing her out.