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Who’s Natalie Halcro’s Dad? Her love life and rumored plastic surgery

Who’s Natalie Halcro’s Dad? Her love life and rumored plastic surgery

Natalie Halcro welcomed Dove on February 4, 2020. She revealed the news on Instagram but didn’t name her boyfriend.

The former WAGS actress has remained tight-lipped about her baby daddy, Aygemang Clay.

A Year Old: Halcro’s Daughter

Dove, Halcro’s daughter, turned 1 in 2021. The TV star shared on Instagram how Dove’s arrival transformed her life.

Dove was born during COVID-19’s initial phase. Halcro’s mom Rhonda lived with them for nine months to help the new mother. She mentally and physically cared for the mother-daughter duo.

As a public figure, Halcro chronicles her parenthood on Instagram, sharing cute photographs with her mini-me.

In 2020, she announced her pregnancy. She revealed her 29-week pregnancy by posting a photo of her baby pod. She said it’s a reason to be thankful in 2020.

Possible Father

Halcro’s baby father may be her boyfriend, model/actor Aygemang Clay.

Clay appears on Relatively Nat and Liv’s second episode. Halcro told her family on Whistle that she had reunited with him after six months.

They had a sporadic yet strong relationship. Halcro and her lover had “great chemistry.”

In the next episode, though, the two had different priorities. Clay went to Florida, and Halcro focused on her profession and clothesline.

Since then, the 33-year-old hasn’t discussed Clay or her daughter’s father. Her baby’s father is a secret until she reveals it.

Halcro’s rumored surgery

Halcro’s plastic surgery rumors also circulate.

Since becoming famous as Shaun Phillips’ WAGS girlfriend, Halcro’s face has changed dramatically.

Many suspect Halcro has had plastic surgery due to her changing appearance. She’s never had surgery.

She’s had Coolsculpting and jawline fillers with Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Garo Kassabian. Coolsculpting freezes and kills waist, abdominal, hip, neck, or thigh fat cells.

Olivia Pierson, Halcro’s cousin, and a dearest friend accompanied her.

The Langley native’s beauty comes from her cosmetic abilities. If not a model, the fashion blogger would be a cosmetics artist.