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Who Is YouTuber Logan Thirtyacre’s Girlfriend Adriana Fajardo?

Who Is YouTuber Logan Thirtyacre’s Girlfriend Adriana Fajardo?

It’s become a strange and hilarious time to be alive these days. People are equally subject to public scrutiny since they are only a text or video away from sharing their talent and a slice of their lives with the world. Logan Thirthyacre, a popular YouTuber, and his new girlfriend, Adriana Fajardo, are a perfect example. Several YouTubers have expressed interest in the new pair. Logan Thirtyacre’s girlfriend has managed to remain hopeful despite being on a small scale.

Logan Thirtyacre, who has 8.9 million subscribers, found the love of his life in 2019. Because of their connection, the couple has been in the spotlight. But it isn’t our problem today; instead, let us learn who Logan Thirtyacre’s girlfriend is.

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Adriana Fajardo, Thirtyacre’s New Girlfriend, Who Is She?

Thirtyacre’s spouse, Fajardo, is a little weird and has a beautiful aura, according to what we know about her. Adriana Fajardo is a very private lady who keeps her personal life hidden. According to her Instagram, the 5’1″ model is a party animal with a hippie mentality.

Adriana alias Willow, Logan Thirtyacre’s partner, is a private person. Adriana’s Instagram is the source of this image.

While Willow Fajardo, Thirtyacre’s darling, remains mute on Facebook, her Instagram shows that she is a high school graduate who is living her life according to her own rules. She talked about being a free spirit and loving all the excitement she had had at her first camping event in an Instagram post. She also whined about her decision to go to festivals and experience joy, which she claimed was vital for her well-being. Similarly, based on her Instagram, she appears to be a very outgoing person with a literary bent. Logan Thirtyacre’s girlfriend, on the other hand, is a vegan who eats meat with iceberg lettuce.

Adriana explained why she became a vegan in a video on Lance Thirtyacre’s channel. When she was home alone, she allegedly went to the PETA website and saw ‘beautiful tiny kittens,’ ‘baby animals,’ and cried, telling her mother that she would never eat meat again. She, like Fajardo’s partner, has started a YouTube account, which now has 822 subscribers and two videos.

Although there hasn’t been much information released about Thirtyacre’s girlfriend, we will learn more about her in the following days.

Adriana Fajardo and Logan Thirtyacre’s Relationship

The couple has been together since October 13, 2019, according to Adriana Fajardo’s Facebook page. One of the disadvantages of being a YouTuber is that your entire life is on display, and people who are only passively involved in your relationship will evaluate you. We’ll save the rest of the story for another day; for now, let’s focus on the couple’s relationship.

Logan and Adriana appear to be in a much better relationship and aren’t afraid to flaunt it. As previously stated, Thirtyacre’s girlfriend and he have both publicly addressed their relationship. Logan also used his vlogging account to introduce Adriana Fajardo. They begin the video by joking about and discussing various aspects of their relationships. Logan and his girlfriend were both animated and clearly in love as they couldn’t help but embrace each other.

She is also a vegan, as previously stated. She stated that even if she had a billion dollars, she would not eat a cheeseburger. However, if it meant saving her boyfriend, Logan’s life, she would gladly eat ‘two’. She also praised Logan Thirtyacre’s supporters for their support. As a result, the evidence of love is served.

Logan Thirtyacre’s ex-fiancee Chilly Jimenez, her brother Tito Jimenez, and sister are all involved in the couple’s conflict. Logan attempted to show Tito the adult tape and had spent $60,000 on a hooker, who happened to be Willow, according to their tweets.

As both of them allegedly cheated on each other, there are numerous sides to the story. However, they are both content in their own lives, so that is all that matters.

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