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Who Is the Wife of Jack Brewer? A Look at His Marriage and Family

Who Is the Wife of Jack Brewer? A Look at His Marriage and Family

In his career as a professional football player, Jack Brewer attracted attention. The athlete played in the National Football League for notable clubs throughout his ten-year career, including the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, and Arizona Cardinals.

Brewer’s steadfast support for former president Donald Trump ensured that he continued to be in the spotlight even after his retirement from football in 2006. Even more so, he joined Black Voices for Trump.

Brewer’s career is obviously public knowledge, whether it be in politics or as an athlete. However, his personal life, particularly his marriage and his family, is not like that.

Here is what we currently know about his love life!

In 2020, Jack Brewer wed his wife.

Although it’s unclear when Brewer and his longtime love Cortney Taher began dating, the two got married on February 22, 2020.

The wedding was planned at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., fitting for a Trump fan.

The ex-football player wore a navy blue tuxedo, a black shirt, and a black bow tie. On his outfit, he also attached a boutonniere made of white flowers.

Taher’s bride was stunning in her white, strapless, satin mermaid wedding dress. She accessorized her understated ensemble with white earrings and a stunning train of lace veil.

Special guests who attended the wedding and celebrated the momentous day included Brewer’s children.

Has Four Children: Jack Brewer

Two daughters and two sons make up the total number of children the Texas native has.

The other two, son Jackson and daughter Zaya, are still young and reside with Brewer and his wife, while two of his children, daughter Laesha Brewer and son Yung Smoove, have already reached adulthood.

Laesha Brewer, who turned 22 on September 1, 2021, works as a realtor and a model for Metro City. On the other hand, his son Smoove is a musician. He works for the music company Boss By Affiliation.

Zaya, Smoove’s younger sister, is 20 years older

Cortney Taher, Jack Brewer’s wife

Taher Brewer’s job title is senior area director at Pompano Beach, Florida-based Medtronic, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Taher has ten years of employment with the business. In October 2011, she began working as a Senior Sales Representative.

She oversees the coronary and diagnostic monitoring of the designated area in her capacity as an area director. She had worked at Abbott as a pharmaceutical sales representative before joining Medtronic.

Taher attended Long Island University from 2004 to 2007 to study clinical nutrition services and dietetics.