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Who Is the New Girlfriend of Maluma? Holding hands with Susana Gomez was spotted.

Who Is the New Girlfriend of Maluma? Holding hands with Susana Gomez was spotted.

Apparently, dating Susana Gómez is renowned Colombian singer Maluma.

Juan Luis Londoo Arias, the heartthrob’s true name, had kept his romance with his new girlfriend a secret, but sightings of the couple in several places over the previous year have all but verified their relationship status.

Since August 2020, the couple has been seen holding hands and walking together in New York and Los Angeles.

Despite this, the musician has yet to confirm his relationship with Gómez.

Gómez is an architect and the owner of Ese+Ese, a firm that specializes in interior design.

Learn more about Maluma’s past relationships and his rumored girlfriend’s personal information by scrolling through. Moreover, if he previously had a wife and children.

Until recently, Maluma’s Alleged Girlfriend Was Married

As previously said, Maluma’s suspected lover Gómez is an architect, and according to Ahora Mismo, her aesthetic is characterized by a lot of bright colors, organic textiles, and blonde wood finishes.

The magazine also revealed that Gómez was just married.

The fact that Susana was married was one of the reasons the connection did not develop romantically until this year, the outlet in Spanish stated. “It’s unclear whether Maluma played a role in the marriage disintegrating or if she just started dating him once she was single again.”

Maluma’s Family Appear to Be Close to Susana Gómez, Too!

In August 2020, the renowned singer celebrated the release of his album Papi Juancho, and at the occasion, he published a video on his Instagram stories. The video showed Gómez having a good time with his friends and family in Miami on a yacht.

She felt at ease meeting the Londoo Arias family and Maluma’s inner circle, including his aunt Judy, who was also aboard the boat, as a result of the incident, which seemed to indicate that things between Maluma and Gómez were serious enough.

Natalia Barulich, a model Maluma formerly dated

Prior to dating Gómez, Maluma was in a committed relationship with the model Natalia Barulich.

In a January 2018 interview with Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo, the singer first acknowledged he was seeing the Cuban-Croatian model. He also provided information on how they first connected while filming his music video.

“We enjoy our time together, have a good time, and love and support one other.

Those, in my opinion, are the essentials. It’s the most crucial factor, “Regarding the connection, he stated.

On a private plane, they flew to commemorate their one-year anniversary of dating in June 2018. Barulich shared a photo and the following caption on Instagram: “My life’s love. Cheers to another year.”

But after dating for two years, they started to go wrong. People en Espanol reports that they split up in October 2019. Following their breakup, the model allegedly moved on and started dating Brazilian soccer star Neymar.

However, the singer stated the following in an interview with Access Hollywood in April 2020: “I’m single right now and don’t think I want to be in a relationship right now in my life.

I’m currently devoting all of my focus to my career.”

Regarding the question of whether he was previously married to a wife or had children, neither Maluma nor his representatives have made any such affirmations. He has supposedly never been married.