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Who Is Suge Knight’s Son Andrew Knight?

Who Is Suge Knight’s Son Andrew Knight?

Suge Knight, born Marion Hugh ‘Suge’ Knight Jr., is an American record producer and former music executive. Death Row Records’ co-CEO and co-founder was Knight. He’s also a former key figure in gangsta rap’s meteoric rise to mainstream success. Suge has collaborated with a number of hip-hop artists, including Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, and is currently in police jail.

Suge Knight married twice in his life, but he dated a lot of women and has children with a few of them. Suge is the father of four confirmed children, including Andrew Knight, who he shares with his ex-wife Michel’le. Many Suge fans may be interested in learning more about his family. We’ll uncover who Suge Knight’s son, Andrew Knight, is and some of his other information in this article.

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Suge Knight’s alleged son

Andrew Knight claims to be Suge Knight’s son, according to numerous online sites. Andrew’s real name is Andrew Payan, and his mother’s name is Tia Rowe, according to reports. Rowe dated music billionaire Suge Knight for a long time and claims he is the biological father of her son.

Andrew might or might not be Suge Knight’s son, according to multiple media outlets; Andrew’s mother married Ed Payan, who was formerly imprisoned for robbery. Andrew, on the other hand, knows how to leverage Suge Knight’s name when he needs it the most. According to some sources, he is simply dating under his given name.

Suge Knight’s son with ex-girlfriend Tia Rowe is said to be Andrew Knight, according to many sources. Suge Knight/Facebook. Image credit: Suge Knight/Facebook.

According to Hollywood Street King, Andrew’s mother, Tia, may have advised Andrew to start using the Knight name because she had a history of several instances of identity theft. She also involves her son, Donavan Gold, Andrew’s half-brother, in such wrongdoings. As a result, the truth about Suge Knight’s kid, Andrew, is still a mystery. We’re hoping Suge Knight would address this with his fans as soon as possible.

Taj Knight is Suge Knight’s verified child by Davina Barnes, while Bailei Knight is Suge Knight’s child from Michel’le. Suge also has a son named Legend Knight with fiancee Toi Kelly and a daughter named Posh Knight with an unknown lady, according to some accounts.

Lindsay Lohan, an actress, accused him of stealing.

Lindsay Lohan, an American actress, once accused Suge Knight’s son Andrew of robbing their mutual acquaintance Sam Magid. While partying at Magid’s house, Lohan and Andrew blamed each other for stealing $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses.

Andrew told the officers that Lohan handed him a bag containing stolen things the night of the theft, which he returned to Magid, according to TMZ. Other items were misplaced. According to the owner, Lohan hid several valuables to keep them safe from intruders. But, because she was on Ambien, she forgot where she hid the goods and was confused about what had transpired.

Later, Lohan claimed Andrew was the true perpetrator, which Andrew categorically rejected. Lindsay was the major target of the inquiry, therefore officers must have believed his story.

Andrew and his boyfriend stole services from a Lanai resort.

Andrew Knight was asked to leave a resort in Maui County in 2018 after committing a strange theft of services from a resort on Lanai. He was sentenced to four years of probation and ordered to pay $5,500 in reparation.

Andrew stayed in a motel in Lanai with his boyfriend, Darren Michael Young. They attempted to exit the hotel without paying for room service, gift shop purchases, and other expenses. The pair attempted to pay with a credit card several times, but it was unsuccessful. Andrew and Darren attempted to flee through the bushes with their baggage after failing to pay the bill, and they attempted to hail an Uber. They were also attempting to catch a helicopter flight to Maui.

Andrew finally made a plea deal with the hotel to pay reparations after numerous efforts to flee. He also drafted an apology letter. The accusations against Andrew Knight’s boyfriend, Darren Young, were dismissed by the prosecution.

Georgia May Jagger’s Boyfriend Assaulted Andrew Knight’s BF

Andrew and his boyfriend, Darren, were at the Blind Dragon in WeHo in 2018. A random dude approached them as they were having fun there. Norman Theuerkorn, Mick Jagger’s daughter Georgia May Jagger’s boyfriend, was the man in question.

Theuerkorn stroked Darren’s leg and complimented him on his beauty. Suge Knight’s kid and boyfriend both advised him to quit. After nearly 20 minutes, Theuerkorn reappeared and punched Darren in the head, knocking him out. It resulted in a terrible gash on Andrew’s boyfriend’s head, which resulted in internal bleeding and, ultimately, brain surgery.

Regardless, the world will be divided over whether or not Andrew is Suge Knight’s real son until and unless Suge Knight himself clears the air.

Andrew Knight is a name with a meaning.

Andrew’s name comes from the Greek word Andreas. It has a macho and powerful connotation.

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