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Who Is Ryan Sheckler’s Wife? Did He Marry His Then Girlfriend Mia Bonde?

Who Is Ryan Sheckler’s Wife? Did He Marry His Then Girlfriend Mia Bonde?

Ryan Sheckler is a professional skateboarder and entrepreneur who rose to prominence after winning the X Games gold medal as the youngest athlete ever in 2003. Sheckler competed in the X Games at the age of thirteen and won the gold medal. In 2007, at the age of seventeen, he launched his own MTV reality show, “Life of Ryan.” It ran for three seasons before he abruptly ended it. Sheckler also starred in the four-season short-form video series Sheckler Sessions on Red Bull TV.

Ryan Sheckler revealed his problems as a reality TV star on MTV during an episode of In Depth with Graham Bensinger in May 2021. In the same show, he also discussed his dating life. Many of Sheckler’s admirers have been curious about his love life since then.

Ryan Sheckler allegedly had a romantic involvement with Mia Bonde. There have been rumors that he married her after dating her for some time. Is Mia Bonde really Ryan Sheckler’s wife, or have they split up? Find out everything you need to know right here.

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Ryan Sheckler had a brief relationship with Mia Bonde.

Ryan Sheckler, a former reality television personality, had a brief romantic relationship with Mia Bonde. Sheckler began dating Bonde in 2015, according to online reports. Ryan used to upload images of his then-girlfriend on his social media accounts as proof that they were having an affair. Additionally, the two exchanged sweet notes with one another to announce their relationship to the public.

Furthermore, when Ryan Sheckler and Mia Bonde were together, she used to accompany him to different public occasions. Many of Ryan’s followers expected Bonde to be Ryan Sheckler’s wife based on their chemistry. However, it appears that things between the two ex-lovers did not go well. As a result, they decided to go their separate ways. Sheckler’s Instagram does, however, have a few photos of Mia.

Ryan Sheckler was romantically linked with a number of other gorgeous women before he met Mia Bonde, including Melissa Pastrana, Emma Roberts, AJ Michalka, and Kayla Kudla. His previous partnerships, like the one he had with Mia Bonde, did not endure long. Sheckler admitted to Graham Bensinger that his career as a reality TV star had stopped him from dating for many years.

Relationship Status of Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler was romantically associated with Christina Perrault for a while in 2017 after terminating his romance with Mia Bonde. Perrault accompanied Sheckler to several events and appeared on his Instagram, prompting speculation that they were having an affair. Their relationship, however, ended after a few months.

Ryan Sheckler is currently involved in an intimate relationship with Abigail Baloun, a stunning beauty. The couple is said to have started dating in public around the start of 2020. Baloun has been seen with her love, Sheckler, on his social media accounts frequently since then. Sheckler isn’t shy about expressing his affection for his girlfriend on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Ryan Sheckler’s girlfriend, Abigail Baloun, on the other hand, appears to have a private existence. Her Instagram account is public, but her profile is set to private. However, those with access to her public posts claim that she also posts photos with her boyfriend, Ryan, and other pals. We hope she makes her Instagram account public so we can learn more about her and her relationship with Ryan Sheckler.

More on Ryan Sheckler’s Current Relationship

Baloun graduated from Concordia University, Irvine, in 2019 with a degree in Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing, according to her Facebook page. Baloun began working at MemorialCare Miller Children & Women’s Hospital Long Beach in January 2020, shortly after graduation. She has worked as a Mother-Baby Registered Nurse at MemorialCare since then.

Abigail Baloun, Ryan Sheckler’s girlfriend, is a certified nurse who works in San Clemente. Abigail Baloun’s Facebook page is the source of this image.

Abigail Baloun, Ryan Sheckler’s current girlfriend, is from Melbourne Beach, California. She currently resides in San Clemente, however.

Because Ryan Sheckler lives in San Clemente and his girlfriend, Abigail Baloun, works there as well, it’s been easier for them to stay close and maintain their relationship. We hope Ryan does not have another break-up, and we will soon learn that Abigail Baloun is Ryan Sheckler’s wife.

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