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Who Is Quarterback Dak Prescott’s Girlfriend? Look At The Long List Of Partners He Has Dated

Who Is Quarterback Dak Prescott’s Girlfriend? Look At The Long List Of Partners He Has Dated

Dak Prescott, born Rayne Dakota “Dak” Prescott, is an American football quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League. Prescott began his professional career in 2016 and has steadily progressed.

But, in comparison to his successful and stable career, can Prescott’s relationship be compared? In this article, we’ll learn who Dak Prescott’s girlfriend is and discuss his extensive dating history.

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Quarterback Dak Prescott’s Girlfriend: Who Is She?

NFL quarterbacks are multimillionaires and some of the most well-known athletes in the league. As a result, they are closely scrutinized. Dak Prescott, a former fourth-round NFL Draft pick, is one of the most popular faces.

When it comes to Dek, he keeps to himself. He has avoided highlighting his personal life on social media due to back-to-back tragic events, including the death of his mother to cancer in 2013 and the death of his brother, Jace Prescott, in April 2020.

Furthermore, Prescott is more guarded than ever when it comes to his girlfriend. He is currently linked to Ireland Borba, an I.G. model.

Ireland Borba, Dak Prescott’s girlfriend, is a beautiful and successful Instagram model. Borba’s Instagram is the source of this image.

The pair were first linked in 2019 when they were spotted at Top Golf in Tampa, according to Sports Gossip. A video of Dak hanging out with Ireland over the weekend was also mentioned on the website.

Dak Prescott, as previously stated, is very private and keeps his personal life out of the spotlight; he hasn’t revealed any photographs of his love life on Instagram.

Prescott’s girlfriend, or rather, claimed girlfriend, Borba’s Instagram is similarly well-kept. Both sides have yet to publicly acknowledge the rumor. As a result, we can only speculate till then.

Yasmine Nicole, an Instagram model, has a boyfriend.

QB Dak Prescott is well-known among women as a gorgeous young man with a wealthy career. Dak dated a beautiful model even while he was a rookie. Yasmine Nicole is a fictional character.

Yasmine Nicole, Dak Prescott’s ex-girlfriend, is a successful model and a lovely person. In 2017, the former couple had a brief relationship. Dak was linked to a number of women over his career, but he never commented on any of them.

Prescott’s former boyfriend, on the other hand, had made a passing reference to the couple’s connection on social media. It appears that the pair had a rocky relationship, with career advancement being a major factor in their split.

When asked about their breakup on Instagram, Nicole explained that they both have excellent careers, which contributed to their breakup. She went on to say that it was nothing serious and that she still considers Prescott a great friend.

Dak Prescott’s ex-girlfriend appears to be a truly nice person, as she has come clean and asked her followers to stop inquiring about Dak and their relationship.

Dallas Nicole Parks, a Playboy Model, has been linked to her.

Dak Prescott, a two-time Pro Bowl quarterback, was linked to Playboy model Dallas Nicole Parks in 2016. In 2016, they were rumored to be dating, but the Cowboys allegedly told him to cool it, and things were put on hold after that.

Parks vented her rage on Twitter, slamming Dak as a phony persona. There were a lot of angry tweets. Prescott’s putative girlfriend at the time explained that her account had been hacked and that she was inebriated shortly after.

Johnny Manziel was also said to be dating the Playboy model. As a result, she sent out another tweet, revealing that she never dated Johnny or Dak.

In response to the tweet, Prescott responded with a tweet claiming he had no idea who Dallas Nicole Parks was. Dak Prescott, meanwhile, found it amusing that he was linked to a girl named Dallas because he plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

Dak doesn’t know Dallas, so it’s a little suspicious that the rumored couple had photos together. But, hey, it’s a technological world, isn’t it?

Actress Estrella Nouri is rumored to be involved.

Towards the end of 2018, Dak Prescott was also linked to Entourage actress Estrella Nouri. At Cowboys games, Estrella Nouri was observed saying Prescott’s favorite mantra, “faith, battle, and finish.”

Nouri received flowers while staying at a Dubai hotel, according to Terez Owens. Prescott is said to have sent the flowers.

The rumors faded as they were never seen together or exhibited any signs of dating. Being a renowned face, on the other hand, is tiring since you can’t follow or unfollow people without generating headlines. As a result, Sports Gossip revealed in October 2019 that Prescott was following gorgeous Estrella.

Let’s hope Dak Prescott’s girlfriend emerges from the cave soon and stuns us with their incredible connection.

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