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Who Is John Rocker’s Girlfriend, a Former Controversial MLB Player?

Who Is John Rocker’s Girlfriend, a Former Controversial MLB Player?

John Rocker, a native of Georgia, is a former Major League Baseball (MLB) bullpen pitcher who spent three seasons with the Atlanta Braves. After that, he spent a season with each the Cleveland Indians, Texas Rangers, and Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

During his career, the pitcher was also known for making provocative statements, one of which came during a 1999 Sports Illustrated interview. Rocker made derogatory remarks about the New York Yankees, their fans, and the city.

He described New York as “the most chaotic, nerve-wracking metropolis.” “The foreigners are the main thing that irritates me about New York. In Times Square, you may walk a full block without hearing someone speak English… How did they come into this country in the first place?”

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The Post-Retirement Life of John Rocker

Rocker and his then-girlfriend Julie McGee went on the reality show Survivor: San Juan del Sur after he retired from baseball. They joined the show in the hopes that it would bring them closer together rather than tear them apart.

In an interview with CBS, he remarked about the show and his relationship with his fiancée at the time, ”

However, the couple’s relationship did not continue as intended, and they reportedly ended it after the San Juan del Sur reunion event. Later, he was linked to a woman named Terri, although no one ever confirmed the relationship.

Is John Rocker dating anyone right now?

There’s no word on whether Rocker has a girlfriend or is married to a woman.

The reason for this is that he has stayed out of the spotlight in recent years.

However, an Instagram account claiming to be Rocker’s official account has a series of photos of the former Major League Baseball pitcher with Jennifer Kennedy, a Dallas-based entrepreneur. Her Instagram profile also features photos of her with him.

He posted a photo of himself with Kennedy and claimed that he made her seem nice in one of his posts. On the same day, the entrepreneur shared a series of photos thanking the duo’s pals for attending Rocker’s birthday party.

“Thank you to everyone who attended John’s birthday celebration. It was incredible…, “In the caption, Kennedy wrote:

Although their photos imply they’ve been dating since early 2018, Rocker’s Instagram account has been inactive since April 2019. It’s unclear if they’re still together.

Kennedy, meanwhile, hasn’t posted a photo with him since February 2019, despite the fact that she appears to be active on Instagram on occasion.