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Who is Jim Cantore’s wife? Girlfriend, Dating, Divorce, Salary, Personal Life

Who is Jim Cantore’s wife? Girlfriend, Dating, Divorce, Salary, Personal Life

Jim Cantore, a meteorologist, has had a tumultuous personal life. He recently divorced and has been the subject of some relationship rumors. The father of two children has had no luck in his marriage and has had a number of extramarital encounters. So, we’ll be streaming his transition from dating to wedded life in style!

Jim Cantore is most recognized for being an on-air personality for The Weather Channel, where he reports on severe weather phenomena.

Jim was awarded the NOAA-David S. Johnson Award in 2002 for his innovative use of environmental satellite technology, as well as the AMS Television Seal of Approval.

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Jim Cantore’s First Career Step Earned Him Huge Notoriety

James M. Cantore was born in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, on February 16, 1964. Jim got his first job at The Weather Channel after graduating from Lyndon State College in 1986, and he has worked there ever since.

The 54-year-old meteorologist is known for his ability to translate complex meteorological phenomena into simple terms for regular viewers, which is why he’s the go-to guy when it comes to covering severe weather.

Despite the fact that his most well-known agenda is his live field coverage of major meteorological phenomena such as Hurricane Katrina, Rita, Mitch, Irene, and Matthew, Jim’s contributions are diverse.

Jim’s early efforts were established in the fan-favorite Fall Foliage Forecast, where he covered events such as the Winter X Games, the Space Shuttle Discovery launch, NFL games, and PGA tournaments.

The ECHL’s Stockton Thunder’s introduction video features the risk-taking meteorologist, who also serves as the narrator of TWC’s Storm Stories. In 2008, he also filled in for AI Rocker on The Today Show on occasion.

The average annual salary of an American meteorologist is $51K, according to Payscale. Jim’s net worth of $3.5 million is largely due to his experience as a weathercaster, which likely earns him a higher salary than the average.

Jim Cantore’s marriage was in jeopardy.

Jim was married to Tamara Cantore, a former executive at The Weather Channel when they married in 1990.

In the 1980s, the pair met at The Weather Channel, where they both worked. After dating for a while, the coworkers married after a short period of time.

In 1993, Jim and his wife had their first child, a daughter named Christina. Tamara gave birth to a son called Ben in 1995.

Tamara was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease while the couple was raising their children, and both of their children have Fragile X syndrome.

As a result, the couple’s marital relationship deteriorated. They eventually divorced in 2009. According to his social media accounts, Jim still loves his children and spends time with his daughter and son.

He also donates to the Fragile X Research Foundation and the Parkinson’s Unity Walk to help victims of the disease that afflicted his ex-wife and his children.

Is Jim in a relationship?

Jim was apparently dating Andrea Butera, a CNN news journalist, after their divorce. According to accounts, the couple began dating in 2010. The claimed couple has also shared photos of one other on their social media sites, demonstrating their strong friendship. Despite this, they never officially declared their relationship.

One such case occurred in November 2017, when Jim posted an Instagram photo of Andrea wandering around Soulfully Good Cafe.

Andrea, meanwhile, shared a photo of herself and Jim eating lunch at Bear River Bar & Grill in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It appears that they are enjoying their intimacy, as seen by their social media accounts.

When the dating situation with Andrea was not confirmed, Jim was associated with Alexandra Steele, one of his TWC coworkers. As anchors of the 7 p.m. Eastern hour of Weather Center, they were seen having a lot of fun together, which created the dating rumor among viewers. They were not, however, seen cuddling up together in public.

Despite his married life and the fact that he was rumored to be dating multiple women, some of his followers claimed he was gay. In the absence of evidence, it seems premature to infer he is gay because he has not expressed his preference.