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Who Is Eugenia Cooney’s Brother Chip Cooney?

Who Is Eugenia Cooney’s Brother Chip Cooney?

Imagine being a nobody all your life and then waking up to find yourself the new talk of the town. The same thing happened to YouTuber Eugenia Cooney, who became famous overnight thanks to live streaming. Her look astounded her viewers and drew the attention of a number of businesses.

In addition, she began to be compensated for her modeling work. Not only that, but her celebrity grew over time as various media outlets began to exploit her for her appearance and eating disorder. Many people blamed her mother, as well as her brothers, for her condition. If you didn’t already know, she has a brother named Chip Cooney, who is the polar opposite of her. He is extremely chubby, and some sources claim that he is autistic. Let’s take a closer look at Eugenia Cooney’s brother, Chip Cooney.

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Chip Cooney, who is he?

Not everyone is aware that Eugenia Cooney, the YouTube sensation, has a brother named Chip Cooney. Chip, unlike his sister, prefers to stay out of the spotlight. He is diametrically opposed to his sister. On the one hand, there’s Eugenia, who gets all the attention, and on the other, there’s Chip, who is a bit of a mystery. Eugenia is slim, whereas her brother is bulky.

Eugenia and her brother Chip are spending some quality time together. Pinterest is the source of this image.

Eugenia Cooney’s brother, Chip Cooney, is a mysterious man, as previously stated. He is not very active at the public platform, his sister herself tweeted that her family is not really into social media. There is a rumor of Chip suffering from autism but that rumor is yet to be confirmed.

Also, Chip is an animator by profession. He was part of the 2017 Woodbury University Animation Teams. He was a member of A-Team which consisted of Remington Radcliffe, Chip Cooney, Dani Bowman, Jose Martinez, and Luis Mendivil. Chip is not only an animator but also a fantastic sketch artist.

Chip is an animator. Image Source: Animateducated.

Moving on to Eugenia, her condition seemed too sever as she was nothing but mere bone. Many said her mother was to be blamed for her condition. But what people say is not always the fact. So, let’s learn more about Eugenia’s condition and her brother’s too.

More About Chip

As mentioned above Eugenia Cooney’s brother Chip Cooney is a person of privacy. Despite having an Instagram account he is not quite active on it. In fact, Chip has kept his Instagram profile private, we can only assume he doesn’t like catching the eye of the public or simply wants to be left alone.

Chip spending time with his sister Eugenia. Pinterest is the source of this image.

Speaking of Chip and Eugenia’s relationship, the brother-sister duo shares a lovely bond. They have visited many theme parks over the past years. Just by seeing their picture you can tell how much of a lovely brother-sister relationship they share. Eugenia is also really proud when it comes to her little brother, she has shared a lot of drawings of her brother on her social media accounts. We can simply say she is a gorgeous person with a beautiful heart and a lovely family.

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