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Who is dating Marcus Dobre? Everything to Know About the Love Life of a Social Media Influencer

Who is dating Marcus Dobre? Everything to Know About the Love Life of a Social Media Influencer

Marcus Dobre is best known for creating comedic and prank-related content with his identical twin brother, Marcus.

The duo manages a YouTube channel with over 24 million subscribers called Lucas and Marcus.

In addition to being a celebrity on the channel, Dobre also contributes to the creation of content on the Dobre Brothers YouTube channel.

The narrative focuses on the Dobre siblings and their older brothers, Darius and Cyrus.

All four Dobre brothers began their rise to fame on Vine at an early age, and then transferred their fame to YouTube. Now, they use TikTok and Instagram to reach a larger audience with their content.

Dobre alone has over 3 million Instagram subscribers and over 30 million TikTok followers.

Due to his massive follower base and charming personality, the Instagram star’s personal life has garnered a great deal of attention. And people, particularly his female fans, cannot help but speculate about his romantic life.

Who is dating Marcus Dobre?

Unbelievably, the youthful Internet sensation does not have a significant other at the time of writing. Instead, Dobre has been single for a considerable amount of time, and he is quite vocal about it.

On July 24, 2021, he informed his followers of his dating status through an Instagram post.

The 22-year-old uploaded a photo of his brothers Darius and Lucas kissing their long-term partners, Madeline Damskey and Ivanita Lomeli.

Dobre and Cyrus sat on the floor together, indicating that neither of them had a girlfriend with whom to share a kiss. He reflected this sentiment in his caption, which read, “Still single haha.”

His brother Cyrus reminded him in the comment section that life was fine despite their single status.

One supporter of the ideology quipped, “Single for the better life, bro.”

Marcus Dobre Requested Crush to Become His Girlfriend.

Dobre asked his crush, Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa, to be his fiancée several days before updating his fans on his relationship status.

The entire proposal was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube under the title ‘I Asked Her To Be My Girlfriend.’ The 10-minute video showed Dobre battling through his anxiety to ask her out.

Thankfully, his brothers gave him advice on how to continue the conversation. And there was more. They even assisted Dobre in selecting an appropriate outfit.

Despite all of his preparations, the internet sensation believed he would abandon the idea of proposing to her. However, after receiving much consolation and encouragement from his siblings, he went to her residence and asked her to be his girlfriend.

At first, Ochoa believed Dobre was playing a hoax on her. But when she realized he was serious, she merely mentioned that she had a boyfriend.However, she stated she would have embraced him if they were not dating.

Dobre’s brothers consoled him after the rejection by praising him for being handsome, successful, and a person with a decent heart. They reiterated how fortunate his future companion would be.