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Who Is Corinna Kopf Dating Now That She’s Back on the Lookout for a Boyfriend?

Who Is Corinna Kopf Dating Now That She’s Back on the Lookout for a Boyfriend?

Corinna Kopf, a 25-year-old YouTuber, streamer, and Instagram influencer, has 1.77 million YouTube subscribers in addition to her nearly 6 million Instagram followers. Since December 2019, she has also been broadcasting on Facebook Gaming.

The Palatine native first gained notoriety by showing up on David Dobrik’s vlogs. Since 2015, she has been a consistent member of Dobrik’s Vlog Squad group. Her persona in Vlog Squad videos frequently focuses on mature jokes about her relationships with the group’s guys.

In relation to dating, Kopf has dated many men in the past. Given this, a lot of followers are interested to learn who Corinna Kopf is dating right now. The diva herself recently made the solution public when she revealed that she was unmarried on September 22 on her Twitter account.

She simply stated in the tweet, “I want a lover,” that she was looking for a new partner once more.

Various Reactions from Fans

Following Kopf’s declaration that she was looking for a new boyfriend, her supporters immediately took to Twitter to argue her case.

One wrote, “I’ll take you to Olive Garden every Sunday.” “Hey, I’m right here,” piped in another.

Some people were also inviting their friends to go on dates with Kopf by telling them that she was available. Someone posted “Bal4nce_ she wants you” after doing that. Likewise, someone else added, “@ewekasidney Moment to shine

Kopf didn’t reply to any of the requests or clever pick-up lines. Perhaps she is still reading through the comments in search of the ideal one.

She followed up on other tweets she had sent out in the same month on September 22. In one of the tweets she posted, she expressed her want to have sex with Lil Nas X, while in another, she expressed her desire to have children.

These tweets are below:

Corinna Kopf’s Past Relationships

Around 2019, Logan Paul, a fellow YouTuber, and well-known social media figure was one of the well-known people that Kopf dated. In the same year, the couple was spotted together at a basketball game wearing identical yellow sweatshirts.

The diva admitted during a July 2021 episode of the Impulsive podcast that she never thought of her time spent with Paul as a relationship. Instead, she disclosed that he was one of her several fraternity “hook-up” acquaintances.

We didn’t start dating for a year because Paul wouldn’t take an STD test, she continued.

In the same podcast, Kopf acknowledged that she formerly dated Twitch streamer Adin Ross and said it was the relationship she regretted the most.

She provided an explanation for her claim by claiming that Ross’ admirers had sent her abusive messages and remarks, accusing her of using them as followers. Kopf argued in her defense that she wasn’t courting his attention; rather, she dated him because she wanted to and stopped things when she realized it wasn’t the perfect fit for her.

Additionally, Kopf has at various points in time dated Turner Tenney, a streamer, Toddy Smith, a musician, and Brennen Taylor, a vlogger.

It is clear from her past relationships that she has primarily engaged in friendships with advantages. While we respect her decision-making, we only wish she could find a long-term partner.