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Who is brookmacklin213 from TikTok? Explained: Controversial Viral Videos

Who is brookmacklin213 from TikTok? Explained: Controversial Viral Videos

People share a variety of things with their family members, such as love and laughter, as well as tangible stuff such as books. Would you, however, share your husband?

That’s exactly what a TikTok user is sharing with her mother and younger sister.

Madi Brooks, Brook Maklin’s true name, is a self-described swinger. Under the alias brookmacklin213, she revealed shocking secrets about her personal life and marriage to her TikTok audience.

Madi Brooks’ TikTok Videos Have Gone Viral

She confessed in one of her viral videos that she allows her spouse to sleep with her mother and sister. “This is my mom, yeah I let my hubby gave her a couple of times a week, yeah I’m that sort of wife,” Brooks stated in the video.

“My life doesn’t judge #swingerlifestyle,” the video’s caption read.

This is because Madi, her mother, and her husband are all swingers, which means they are in open relationships and meet other couples at swinging parties and gatherings. As of this writing, the video has been viewed over five million times.

Over 3400 comments have been left by TikTok users in the comment section. “You’re that sort of wife, so he gets to sleep with who he wants,” one person wrote, “you’re that kind of wife, so he gets to sleep with who he wants.” “I think you’re a doormat of a wife.”

“What happens if one becomes pregnant… you’ll have a brother, sister, nephew or niece, but also a stepchild,” another TikTok user wrote. That’s not all, though. Brooks stated in another video that she occasionally lets her husband “play” with her sister.

“You want to know how I keep my spouse happy?” she explained. I allowed him to play with my younger sister.”

This looks to be her second account, as this is not the first time the subject has been discussed. She previously had a TikTok account with the alias milliesellers411, as revealed by The Sun a few months ago.

What Does ‘Swinging’ Mean?

Some users are certain that the family and their unusual arrangement is not described as swinging, despite their fury and confusion. A user made a comment. “I don’t believe this is what it means to be a swinger.” This is more poly…something, stuff with several partners.”

They do not, however, intend to sleep with other people they meet at the club. Rather, they go to these gatherings with a couple with whom they wish to have sex.

While many people confuse it with polyamory, Daniel Saynt, the founder and chief conspirator of NSFW, believes that swingers aren’t looking for numerous romantic relationships, but rather restricted or no strings attached sexual contact.

According to Saynt, this way of life is more widespread than you might believe.