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Who Is Benicio Del Toro’s Wife? He Is A Proud Father Of One

Who Is Benicio Del Toro’s Wife? He Is A Proud Father Of One

Monserrate, Benicio Rafael del Toro Sanchez, better known by his stage name Benicio Del Toro, is a well-known Puerto Rican producer and actor. Del Toro has received numerous honors and prizes, including the Golden Globe Award, the Academy Award, and the BAFTA Award. In addition, for his role as a morally pure police officer Javier Rodriguez in the 2000 film Traffic, he received the prestigious Screen Actors Guild Award. Del Toro is also well-known for his leading parts in films including The Usual Suspects, Basquiat, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and others.

Benicio Del Toro, who was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for his portrayal of Richard Matt in the miniseries Escape at Dannemora, has dated a few women. ‘Who got the honor of being Benicio Del Toro’s wife?’ is the query. Here’s everything you need to know about his marriage, his only child, and the mother of the child.

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Who Is Benicio Del Toro’s Lucky Wife?

While most of the 54-year-old actor Benicio Del Toro’s celebrity friends are happily married, you might be surprised to learn that Benicio has yet to walk down the aisle. He does, however, have a daughter with Kimberly Stewart, the daughter of rock legend Rod Stewart, named Delilah Del Toro.

In 2010, Benicio Del Toro dated Kim Stewart, a well-known TV personality and fashion designer. It was around this time that Stewart became pregnant with Delilah, Benicio Del Toro’s daughter. According to a source, Kimberly intended to marry Benicio Del Toro after having Delilah and live happily ever after with him.

Del Toro, on the other hand, only saw her as a fling. Benicio denied marrying Stewart and being in a relationship after learning of her pregnancy. He did, however, state that he would support the child.

Kimberly Stewart, Benicio Del Toro’s baby mama, did not marry him. Kimberly Stewart’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Deliah Del Toro, Kimberly and Benicio Del Toro’s daughter, was born in August 2011 and weighed 8 lbs 9 oz and was 22 inches in length. Del Toro was by Stewart’s side during labor, despite the fact that the parents-to-be were no longer together at the time. Rod Stewart and his ex-wife, Alana Stewart, have a granddaughter named Delilah. She is close with Rod Stewart’s current wife, Penny Lancaster, and their kids Aiden Patrick Stewart and Alastair Wallace Stewart, in addition to her grandparents.

Kimberly Stewart, Benicio Del Toro’s ex-partner, told Star Magazine after Delilah’s birth that she intended to have another child with him. She couldn’t envision having a child with another man, therefore she wanted to give Delilah a full-blood sibling with Del Toro. Unfortunately, the two did not marry or have another child together.

Benicio Del Toro Is Actively Raising His Child With His Baby Mama

Despite the fact that Benicio Del Toro and his baby mama, Kimberly Stewart, divorced in 2011, the two remain friends and raise their only child, Delilah. Both the actor and the fashion designer are actively involved in their child’s care.

Benicio and Kimberly, who had been estranged for a long time, were seen together with their daughter at a private property in 2012. They were later seen enjoying a good time with Delilah at the California Science Center in Los Angeles in 2016. Seeing them together, playing and enjoying fun with their child, proves that, despite their break-up, Kim and Benicio are indeed wonderful parents to their child.

Kimberly told HELLO magazine that the introduction of Delilah in her life helped her get away from all of the partying. She became a stay-at-home mother after her daughter with Del Toro was born, and she cherished every moment with her. Delilah’s mother, Kim, who has primary custody, has even passed on her beautiful looks to her little princess. Before Deliliah started pre-school in 2013, the mother-daughter combination was photographed in LA wearing trendy clothing.

Furthermore, Benicio Del Toro has been compelled to wait since the arrival of Delilah. When his youngster throws a tantrum, he has learned the value of negotiating and even kneeling. He sees his daughter on occasion because she lives with her mother. When they do meet, though, they make it worthwhile by having fun together at parks and going on father-daughter dates. He does, however, make sure that the media does not interfere with his time with his daughter Delilah.

Relationships with Del Toro in the Past

Despite the fact that Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro is currently unmarried, he has dated a number of attractive women in the past. Del Toro allegedly had an affair with actress Catherine Keener in 2008 before meeting Kimberly Stewart, his daughter’s mother. However, as time passed, the rumors about their romance vanished.

In addition, Del Toro had a sexual involvement with Sara Foster in 2004. They dated for two years despite their age difference and eventually split up in 2006. Similarly, sources claim that Benicio Del Toro dated a number of famous women, including Scarlett Johansson, Sophie Dahl, Heather Graham, and others. Lindsay Lohan, the fashion designer and actress, admitted Benicio as one of her many boyfriends at one point.

In addition, according to certain web sources, Benicio was engaged to Valeria Golino in 1988. She did not, however, become Benicio Del Toro’s wife. Del Toro and Golino, the supposed engaged lovers, were in a four-year live-in relationship before splitting up in 1992.

Benicio Del Toro is currently enjoying his single life. But we’re hoping to hear about his wedding shortly.

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